Why Does My Third Eye Tingle?

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For those involved in meditation or any type of spiritual practice, especially with eastern practices, you have probably heard repeatedly about the third eye. This is the 6th chakra and the chakra that is in charge of intuition and psychic ability.

Though there is so much more to this chakra than just the psychic ability aspect, on a spiritual level, this chakra allows you to be better aware of the bigger picture. 

It is also attached to the pituitary gland, which could help with things like headaches and burnout when activating it. 

If you’ve been working on aligning and opening your chakras and you begin to feel a tingle, it may simply be because you’ve achieved the opening of that, and it is being used. 

But, on the other hand, it could as well be a sign that powers and energies around you are trying to communicate with you. In this quick article, we will look at why your third eye tingles and if there is anything you should do about it.


What Does It Mean?

The idea of meditation and other spiritual practices regarding the chakras is to open them and align the energies in your body so that you can have access to all your powers as well as be tuned with the world around you. 

The third eye is one of the most important chakras in the body, especially regarding opening your eyes to the world around you. So if you begin to feel a tingling, there are two things that this could be from:


  • The first thing could be that the chakra is just opening up and being used. For those in tune with the energies around them, this tingling sensation could simply be acknowledging that the third eye is waking up.
  • The second thing it could be indicating is that the third eye is particularly tied to things like psychic abilities and connection with the spirit world; it might be simply indicating that someone is trying to communicate with you.


Is It Common?

This could be a common occurrence if you’re constantly working on aligning and activating your chakras. That being said, the activation of the third eye doesn’t always mean you’re going to feel it.

This occurrence often happens when the individual is sensitive to intuition and the psychic realm, even if their third eye is not open. 

This means that they are in tune with the energies around them but not completely focused on activating that aspect of their spiritual capabilities.


Why Does It Happen?

The tingling sensation is, as we said, an indication that your third eye is opening or someone is trying to communicate with you through the spiritual realm. But, more immediately, it is the energies of that eye radiating through your corporeal body.

That is if it is the opening of your third eye. If it is, however, a communication with a spirit guide or entity in the universe, it could very well just be them playing with the energies around it and interacting with it to let you know they’re there.


What Should You Do About It?

If you start to have this feeling, the first thing you should do is not let it distract you from what is happening at the moment. Being distracted could potentially disrupt the success that you’ve had in achieving to open up those chakras and working with them.

Instead of focusing on the sensation, return to what you’re doing and let it naturally happen. The truth is this exciting sensation assigns that you’re at achieving your goals, something that you should focus on because it could interfere with the overall process.


Is It Permanent?

You can align your energies and ensure that your chakras stay open most of the time, but this tingling sensation may not be something that lasts forever. It is always going to take continual work to ensure you stay in tune with your surroundings.

This is especially true if the tingling is not necessarily from you opening your third eye chakra but rather communication with a spiritual guide or entity. So don’t dwell on it. Take a moment in and then move on.


Final Thoughts on Why Does My Third Eye Tingle

The third eye is very important when it comes to intuition and being open to the energies around you. 

So many people, when looking to meditate or do spiritual practice, focus, I’m trying to open it. When this happens, you may feel a tingling sensation. But the trick is to acknowledge it, but don’t let it take your focus from what you’re doing.

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