Why Does My Incense Keep Going Out Spiritual Meaning?

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Incense is used in a lot of spiritual practices. Everything from Christianity to Wicca incense plays a vital role in many rituals and is used in a plethora of different ways. A lot of the time, incense is used as a cleansing or conduit for intentions. 

Because of this, there are certain spiritual meanings behind incense aspects, even if incense keeps going out.

Of course, when it comes to incense going out, you have to think about the moisture content, the holder you’re lighting in, and the way you’re lighting it. 

But on a spiritual level, most religious traditions see this as you not being sufficiently concentrated on the intent behind lighting the incense.

But let’s dive deeper into this so that you can understand if the universe or your particular higher powers are trying to deliver some sort of meaning to you.


Is This a Good Sign?

When you’re trying to light your incense to execute a ritual or even just meditate, it can be frustrating if it goes out every time you light it. So the first thing before deciding what is wrong is to check your incense itself, the incense holder, and the way you’re lighting it. 

Once you’ve checked that out and everything is fine, then you can start thinking about what the universe is trying to tell you. Spiritually this is not necessarily a bad sign. It is simply the energies around you trying to let you know that your intent is not solely focused on that. 

Maybe your mind is thinking about things you must do later in the day, or you’re not concentrating enough on what you intend for this incense to do.


Does This Happen Often?

 Once again, if it’s from environmental issues like too much moisture, this could happen quite frequently. But if you don’t have those issues, then it probably doesn’t happen unless you are unfocused every time you light it.

Ideally, when you sit down to execute a ritual or meditate, as we said, your mind is focused on the task at hand. 

But when you aren’t, your energies will affect the environment around you, and the universe will react to that. So unless you are very scattered, this shouldn’t happen very often.


How to Interpret it Properly?

Interpreting anything with incense can be subjective to the religious practices you are familiar with. 

But ideally, this is all about the lack of concentration on your part. It has nothing to do with the powers or the universe trying to send you a message other than you need to concentrate on what you’re doing.

When this happens, you should take a breath to slow down and sit with your intentions behind lighting this incense for a few minutes. 

Once you’ve done that and you’ve cleared away any distractions and cleared your mind, you should be able to light your incense with no problem.    


Different Ways Your Incense Smoke Can Keep Going Out

Besides the universe trying to give you a little wake-up call on your concentration levels, there are multiple ways, as we’ve said above, that could potentially cause instant smoke to keep going out. Here are the three main reasons:


  • The incense has become either too wet or has been stored improperly.
  • The type of incense holder may not give enough airflow to the incense to keep it lit.
  • You may be lighting it improperly. You want to ensure that you light it from the tip and then wait for it to catch fire. Once the incense has developed embers, the fire itself should die out.


What Should You Do About it?

If it is because of environmental issues, you may want to invest in a place where you store your incense to keep the moisture out. 

Moisture will make it so you can’t light. You can also try to buy a different type of incense holder and light it properly, making sure not to blow it out too quickly.

When it comes to the spiritual meaning and lighting of incense not happening because you’re not concentrated, as we said above, we suggest you just take a few minutes, a couple of deep breaths, and focus on the intent behind your lighting of this incense.


Final Thoughts on the Spiritual Meaning of Incense Keep Going Out 

Incense, as we’ve said, plays a crucial role in a lot of different spiritual practices. Everything from actual rituals to simple meditation, many people utilize incense to help them guide their thoughts to the powers that be or simply to cleanse a room. 

But to do that, it has to stay lit, so understanding why it doesn’t stay lit is important. Checking first to see if it’s the environment that causes it is key, and if that isn’t the case, then refocusing your thoughts should be able to help you keep your incense lit.

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