Why Am I So Calm All the Time?

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In this hectic, fast-paced world, sometimes it is very hard to remain calm. For most of us, the struggle is real, but some people out there just seem to be calm all the time.

These individuals may not even understand how they remain so calm and ask themselves why they are so calm all the time.

Being calm all the time could be a side effect of being very mindful of your surroundings. Those that partake in mindfulness practices often find themselves able to remain calm even during the most intense situations.

But it’s being calm all the time a good thing? Is it something that you can learn? These are all questions that those of us from the outside looking in would ask ourselves when we saw someone that was so calm at all times.

So, to help those that don’t understand why they are so calm and those of us that understand either, we want to take a look at what being calm means and other important information.


What Does it Mean?

So what does it mean if you are calm at all times? When you see yourself not reacting like other people to certain situations, you may think that there is something wrong. However, remaining calm at all times just means that you are living in the present.

This means you can stay in the moment and address this situation you’re currently facing. Overreaction or emotional outbursts often happen when we are riddled with anxiety and stress.

Anxiety and stress stem from grabbing onto things we cannot control. The what ifs and the should haves create stress within our bodies.

But for those that can remain hotter at all times, these anxieties and stress may not be as present. Not that they would be absent. The individuals can stay calm all the time, manage their emotions, and analyze the situation without judgment.


Is it Healthy to Be Calm All the Time?

Every emotion is healthy. It’s human nature to get mad or sad, and that is the truth. But for those that have honed their ability to analyze the situation and address it at the moment, these feelings are not as intense, and therefore you may be calm all the time.

The truth is that you still have all these emotions. You just know how to process them productively. This is not unhealthy as long as you can calmly express your emotions.


Is Being Calm a Skill?

Being calm, like every other mindfulness technique, is a skill. But unfortunately, human nature is to be reactive instead of proactive. That’s why so many people deal with raw emotions and have problems remaining calm even during difficult situations.

There are multiple ways you can hone this skill of remaining calm and some of them include:


  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Exercise
  • Journaling
  • Therapy


Which Part of the Brain is Responsible for it?

When it comes to remaining calm, two areas of the brain are specifically responsible for controlling the emotions that would cause you to not.

Because remaining calm has to do with fear and anger, the areas of the brain that are most impactful in helping you remain calm are the amygdala and the hypothalamus.


  • Amygdala – This part of the brain is directly responsible for our stress response to triggers in our environment. Because of this, it is responsible for fear and anger.
  • Hypothalamus – Our hypothalamus is the part of the brain that is in control of emotional responses. It is also part of our hormone release system and is important when dealing with regulating your body temperature.


What is it Called When You Stay Calm Under Pressure?

Being calm under pressure is a skill and an asset that many people would be extremely happy to have. For those that have it, they’re often said to have excellent composure. Or even called unflappably.

Both of these adjectives simply mean that you can remain focused and in control of your emotions, even during the most difficult situations.

This can be very beneficial, especially if they’re in some sort of leadership position or in a line of work that is inundated with stressful situations like first responders.


Final Thoughts on Why Are You So Calm All the Time

If you find yourself being able to stay composed during all types of situations and able to go with the flow, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. What this means is that you have been able to cultivate a mindful lifestyle that allows you to focus on the moment at hand.

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