Which Mantra Is Good For Peace Of Mind

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A mantra or mantram is a sacred word, a sound, or a phrase, usually recited in Sanskrit. The word mantra is made from 2 Sanskrit words. They are Manas, meaning ‘mind,’ and Tra, which means ‘tools.’  

The types of mantras vary according to Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. Practitioners believe that mantras have spiritual powers that can be used to harness and focus the mind. 

Certain mantras create powerful vibrations in the body and lead to a deep state of meditation. Reciting a mantra with devotion enables you to have positive affirmations and a deep awareness of your consciousness.


Top 5 Mantras For Peace Of Mind

There are many mantras that can help reduce stress and bring peace of mind. They help you meditate and bring a sense of inner peace. The top 5 mantras are :


Shanti Mantra

-A most beneficial mantra that calms the mind and soul. Reciting this throughout the day reduces anxiety and stress and helps in spiritual growth.


Om Namah Shivaya

Reciting this mantra removes all negativity and enforces positivity. It also promotes self-confidence and happiness.


Om Shanti Om

The most basic but powerful mantra that brings a soothing effect to the mind and relaxes the entire body. It also creates a calming and peaceful environment, thus opening the body to a deeper meditation.


Om Mani Padme Hum 

This all-encompassing mantra clears the mind and releases bad karma allows you to achieve your goals. This chant translates to ‘Praise to the jewel in the Lotus’ and is a pure and melodic essence.


Gayatri Mantra

This mantra helps you achieve success and happiness. Chanting this regularly keeps your heart healthy, improves breathing and calms the mind.


What Does Shanti Mantra Mean 

The Shanti mantra is a chanting of peace for the mind, body, and soul. It translates to ‘Shanti’ meaning peace, and ‘Mantra’ meaning prayer or song of praise. It is believed to bring eternal peace and happiness to the chanter.

Usually, the Shanti mantra is chanted thrice. This is because it purifies the body, relieves the mind of negativity, and brings spiritual awareness to the chanter. It also creates a calming and peaceful atmosphere around the chanter. 


How Mantras Help You?

Mantras are very beneficial because they give you peace of mind. When the mantras are recited, certain parts of the brain get activated. As a result, there is a positive vibration that occurs.

Your mental awareness is increased while your heart rate reduces. As a result, stress levels are reduced, and your body relaxes. It also regulates blood pressure and the adrenalin levels in the body.

Regular chanting reduces depression and anxiety-related symptoms. In addition, it improves concentration and uplifts your mood. 

It releases positive energy, thus making you focus and have a more calming perspective on your environment. You can choose which mantra best suits your life.


Do Mantras Help Immediately?

The chanting of mantras has been proven to be physically, mentally, and spiritually beneficial to the individual. Mantras require practice. You have to chant daily before you can notice the benefits.

For mantras to help, you need to follow certain steps. They are :


  • Select a mantra that suits you
  • allocate a time every day for your mantra
  • Choose a quiet place 
  • Sit in a comfortable position
  • Synchronize the chanting with your breathing
  • Stay relaxed with your eyes closed
  • Be consistent


For How Long Should You Do It?

Chanting a mantra for 15 to 20 minutes a day is ideal. This allows you to train your mind and body to quieten and simply focus on the rhythm of breathing.

For any mantra to work, it takes a certain amount of time. Therefore, you must have full faith in your chanting and be consistent in chanting. 

The more often you do the chanting, the easier it will become. You can make chanting a daily routine in your life and improve your overall well-being.


Final Thoughts on Which Mantra Is Good For Peace Of Mind

Chanting mantras have been around for a long time, and now more than ever, it is universally practiced. They bring peace of mind and calmness to your soul. There are also various mantras that can be used for specific situations.

Spending at least 10 minutes daily chanting a mantra can be immensely beneficial. Your body is cleansed of all negativity, and your focus and concentration increase. 

You benefit healthwise as well as attain a more spiritual outlook on life. 

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