What Is Inner Consciousness?

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Your inner consciousness is your awareness of a psychological or a spiritual fact. This is something that you intuitively possess and is unique to you. Therefore, your attention is focused inwards.

Simple consciousness is the basic awareness of yourself and all that is around you. This is the most familiar consciousness. The inner consciousness is when you begin to understand that there is more to your inner being.

Most often, it refers to a strong spiritual connection within yourself. You are aware of an inner force that does not depend on any external impressions. As a result, you are able to perceive and act instinctively. 


What Are The 3 Types Of Consciousness?

There are three types of consciousness. They are : 


  • The Conscious State
  • The Subconsciousness State
  • The Unconscious State


The conscious state is where you experience everything that is happening right now. So whatever you are doing, all your thoughts and emotions belong to this consciousness.

The subconscious state is responsible for holding all your memories, past experiences, habits, and past influences. All this information helps us deal with our daily life.

The unconscious state holds information that you are not aware of. 

This includes any negative or traumatic experiences that would have happened in the past. All of these experiences are buried in the unconscious state.  


What Is An Example Of Inner Consciousness?

Your spiritual connection to yourself is a good example. You view yourself as a pure being of peace and light. There is a serenity in you.

You should try to free yourself from the restrictions of your daily routine. You need to question your very existence. You can make your inner consciousness provide you with that purpose.


How Do You Awaken Your Inner Consciousness?

There are a few steps that you can take to awaken your inner consciousness. They are : 


  • Meditation
  • Living Consciously
  • Establishing your intentions


Meditating helps you to control your thoughts. You can focus on one thought and train your mind to ignore all distractions. This will let you connect with your inner self.

When you slow down, you begin to notice the little things. For instance, you will be aware of your breathing and the rhythm of each breath. In addition, you can feel an inner peace and serenity within.


How Long Does It Take To Learn It?

If you have the determination and the resolve to awaken your inner consciousness, you can learn it fast. It all depends on you and your commitment to follow through. 

Regular meditation will help you achieve this sooner. However, it may take a few weeks before you notice any positive results. This is because you have to start a new routine and make it a habit.


Is Inner Consciousness The Highest Form Of Consciousness?

Inner consciousness applies only to your inner self. You are purely focused on what you are experiencing. You are connecting to your inner self.

You must be aware of others in your life to achieve a higher form of consciousness. This is not easy. We are constantly thinking about our needs and what is important to us.

A high form of consciousness requires you to consider the feelings of others and to be empathetic and kind. You need to consider the viewpoint of others and not be restricted by your emotions. Achieving an inner consciousness can be a first step, though.


Final Thoughts on the Inner Consciousness

Consciousness is the basis for any living being. It is the principal factor for our understanding and perceiving all our emotions and thoughts. It provides us with the structure on which we can build ourselves upon.

When we work on expanding our consciousness, we are able to live a more proactive life. We are more empowered and in control of our emotions. This makes us more positive in our outlook.

Awakening your consciousness makes you know yourself better. You are not bound by negativity or the criticism of others. You can reach your full potential and live an enriching life.


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