How To Transcend Consciousness?

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The definition of transcend is to move upwards and beyond. It is to go further, to be better at something, or to be limitless. Our consciousness is our primary awareness of who we are and what we experience.

Transcendental consciousness is part of your consciousness. It is the fourth state, after waking, dreaming, and sleeping. It is a higher state of consciousness where your body is relaxed, but your mind is alert.

You can transcend your consciousness by doing a transcendental meditation technique. This allows your mind to rise above all thoughts and be in a state of pure consciousness.


What Does It Mean To Transcend Consciousness?

When we transcend consciousness, we are awake, but our thoughts are on a higher level. We experience a state of quiet awareness, peacefulness, and inner contentment. It cannot be easily described but has to be experienced.

Your reactions to all external forces are muted. You may hear and feel, but your consciousness has gone beyond all these perceptions. It is now in a state of pure awareness. 

It also means you shift your focus and concern onto others. You are no longer bound to your needs. You can look at the bigger picture without being restricted by anyone.


How Should You Do It?

To transcend consciousness, you must change your perception of yourself and everything around you. But first, you must understand that you want to change yourself and your way of thinking.

You must have the intention to go beyond yourself and have a meaningful purpose and connection in your life. There has to be the determination to reach your full potential and develop your inner self.

You must not be in competition with others. You must not hold onto material things or debilitating emotions. You can transcend your consciousness once you release yourself from these bonds. 


Do You Need To Practice It?

A technique called Transcendental Meditation helps you achieve transcendental consciousness. In normal meditation, you concentrate on your breathing and focus on one aspect. 

Transcendental meditation requires you to repeat a specific mantra or phrase. This helps uplift you and guides your mind away from negative influences. 

Practicing this meditation daily is recommended. You should try to meditate for at least 20 minutes a day. Once this becomes a habit, you can transcend consciousness gradually.


How Long Does It Take To Learn It?

To learn to transcend consciousness takes perseverance. First, you need to commit yourself to it. The more you practice your meditation, the sooner you can transcend your consciousness. This is an ongoing process.

The learning time also depends on the individual. Some might find it challenging as it requires a shift from one type of thinking to another. It takes a lot of discipline to stick to the new routine.

It is also an advantage if you are familiar with meditating. Then it is easy to follow a transcendental meditation program that can help you transcend quicker.


What Is The First Thing You Need To Do?

The first step would be to analyze what you want to achieve in your life. How do you want to change, and what goals and aspirations do you want to fulfill? Once this is done, you can then begin the change in you.

Transcending consciousness is when you accept that there is more to you than mere consciousness. You open yourself to thinking outside the boundaries and question your current values and beliefs.


Final Thoughts on How To Transcend Consciousness

Transcending your consciousness helps you be at peace and one with all around you. You will have a positive attitude and a sense of wholeness and well-being. Transcending opens up new horizons and visions, and new beliefs.

You are not limited to one single thought or action. Instead, you are now on a higher plateau of awareness. This helps enrich your life and make it more productive.


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