How To Bypass The Conscious Mind?

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The conscious mind holds your thoughts, feelings, memories, and anything else you know. It has a limited capacity in what it can keep track of. It is most similar to short-term memory.

The conscious mind has four important functions. They are : 


  • Identification
  • Comparison
  • Analysis
  • Decisions


The conscious mind is only capable of managing one thought at a time. But it commands our subconscious mind how to respond to situations. The conscious mind does all the objective thinking.

Sometimes this can be a disadvantage. It does not let you use your subconscious mind to its full potential. 


Is This Even Possible?

It is possible to bypass your conscious mind. You need to first believe in yourself. You need to have a positive attitude in your thinking.

You must keep your conscious mind occupied with empowering thoughts and positive convictions. The more confidence you have in yourself, the easier it will be to overcome the conscious mind.

It takes a lot of willpower as our conscious mind is strong. But by following certain techniques, you can accomplish this. 


How Can You Shut Down Your Conscious Mind?

Your conscious mind only works with a small fraction of your brain. But it is responsible for all your objective thinking. Your subconscious mind handles the rest of your functions.

You cannot truly shut down your conscious mind. But you can change how your conscious mind operates. For example, you can reprogram it to think differently.

You can make new connections in your mind by being optimistic and confident in your decision-making. You need to consciously choose a new mindset and focus on it. In this manner, you can control your conscious mind to some extent. 


Can The Conscious Mind Override The Subconscious Mind?

The subconscious mind controls all our actions. It does not think but simply acts for our well-being. This can be a disadvantage in some ways.

Your subconscious mind can store all your emotions, past anxieties, frustrations, and fears. In this way, the mind tries to protect us from further pain. Hence, we are prevented from doing anything out of our daily routine.

This means we can never reach our potential since we are constantly reminded of our failures. Your conscious mind does all the logical thinking. Therefore, you can reprogram your conscious mind to think positively. 

The main step would be to visualize your goal and empower yourself to work towards it. Then, you will let go of all limiting thoughts and follow a plan of succeeding in all that you do.


What Are The Techniques For Bypassing The Conscious Mind?

There are three main techniques that can be used to bypass the conscious mind. They are : 


  • Relaxation – when you relax, your thought processes slow down. This gives you the opportunity to review your choices.
  • Visualization – you picture your success and choices with confidence
  • Affirmation – you concentrate on believing in your success 


Once you are able to master these techniques, you can change your life to be more rewarding. You will have the courage to make decisions and motivate yourself.


Do You Need Practice To Do It?

It is not easy to ignore the conscious mind. It is an integral part of us. Therefore, you should incorporate the above techniques into your daily schedule.

Each day should begin with a positive affirmation. You could also read up on inspirational quotes to help you start the day with a positive lift. Make a habit of writing down your goals to help you focus.

All this requires dedication on your part and the will to persevere. There will be setbacks, but you must not allow that to discourage you. The more you practice, the easier it will eventually become.


Final Thoughts on How To Bypass The Conscious Mind

Our conscious and subconscious minds are continuously working together. They maintain our sense of balance and the perception of who we are. Our growth and development are also connected to our consciousness.

We cannot simply ignore one consciousness and favor another. Instead, we need to see where we are being held back and work on changing our consciousness for our benefit. 

When we can control both our conscious and subconscious minds, we can live an enriching life. 


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