Why Is Om So Powerful?

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The most basic word in a mantra, Om, is familiar to everyone. It is chanted during meditation to bring peace and calmness to the soul. It fills your body with tranquility and keeps you grounded.

Om is a universal mantra that is easy to say and widely recognized. Regular chanting of Om helps you achieve a balanced and fulfilling life. It helps you focus on your goals and heightens your senses.


What Is So Special About Om?

There are many benefits to chanting Om. It can be chanted alone or with a group. It is a mantra that can work for anyone.

Om helps you relax and reduces your stress. It also helps with depression by lifting your spirits and removing negativity. Om helps you balance your emotions and be at peace.

Regular chanting also helps slow down your nervous system and calms your mind. Your breathing becomes deeper, and your mental alertness increases. It boosts your self-confidence and makes you feel positive about life.


What Does Om Do To The Brain?

It has been proven that chanting Om helps you relax and be at peace. It also calms the activity in the brain. An area known as the amygdala in the brain is responsible for your stress levels.

Om chanting calms the amygdala, thereby reducing your stress and making you more relaxed. In addition, the vibrations from the chanting stimulate your vagus nerve. This nerve is responsible for making you feel safe and calm.

The result of this means your heart rate gets slower, your blood pressure lowers, and you feel more wholesome and complete.

The chanting also activates the neural regions of the brain. This makes you feel empathy and emotionally connected.


What Is The Energy Of Om?

Om is the purest energy in the Universe. Therefore, the chanting of Om creates positive energy within you. This connects you with the energy of the Universe.

All beings and things emit energy. When you chant, the Om sound connects with your body’s energy. This, in turn, makes you connected to all around you.

Om chanting attracts positive energy. Spiritually, you will feel cleansed and connected to your inner being. The positive energy of Om also purifies the environment around you.


Why Is Om The Sound Of The Universe?

Om is considered to be the first vibration in the Universe. It is from this primordial vibration that other vibrations come into being. It is a cosmic vibration that creates and sustains all things.

As Om is the sound of the Universe, it is present all around us. Even the Earth’s rotation frequency has been found to be the same frequency as that of Om.

Therefore, when we chant Om, we are connecting to the Universe at the same frequency. This makes our prayers and mantras stronger and more effective. Our Pranic energy or life energy is also increased.


Who Invented Om Chanting?

The Om syllable is first mentioned in the mystical texts of the Upanishads. These texts are linked to the ancient Vedanta Hindu philosophy. Therefore, the Vedas would be the first to have chanted Om.

The word Om is said to have three parts. The Sage Patanjali was the first to interpret these three parts as the beginning, middle, and end of all sounds in the Universe. Om consists of 3 syllables :


  • ‘A’
  • ‘U’
  • ‘M’


When chanted, Om incorporates the complete vibration of sound that no other word can do. The three letters are said to represent the waking, dreaming, and deep sleep states of the person.


Final Thoughts on Why Is Om So Powerful 

Chanting Om is a positive way of connecting to your inner self and being at one with the Universe. It provides you with a number of benefits, both mentally and physically. First, it makes you focus and be aware of everything around you.

You can chant as often as you like. It will balance your emotions and bring peace. The rhythmic tone also helps heal your body and get rid of negativity. At the end of the day, you will feel the difference that Om can make in your life.