Why Is It So Hard To Be Present?

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To be present means to be living in the current moment and to be aware of doing so. It is also known as mindfulness. You are emotionally connected to what is happening right now.

To be present at the moment is immensely beneficial. You are able to have a fulfilling life because you accept the present time. You are not worrying about the future or the past.

Being present also reduces your stress levels and makes you less anxious about the unknown. As a result, your life is more enriching, wholesome, and happy. But it is difficult to be truly present.

Nowadays, it is extremely hard to commit to one single task. This is because you are constantly distracted by what is happening around you. You are always thinking of the future or the past.


What Makes A Person Present?

You first need to focus your thoughts on the current situation to be present. Then, you must actively pay attention to the task at hand and stop your mind from wandering. This takes some practice to achieve.

When you are present, you are living in the moment and connecting to whatever is happening right now. You are aware of your surroundings. This means you are not distracted, and your mind is focused.

Calming yourself and being mindful also helps you to be present. You must have peace within you and quieten your emotions.


How Do I Force Myself To Be Present?

You first need to identify what stops you from being present. For example, you may be overwhelmed with work, depressed, stressed about the future, thinking of past failures, and emotionally tired.

Then you should accept what has happened and focus on what is happening right now. Finally, you can manage your emotions by meditating and taking deep, slow breaths to calm yourself.

Be aware of what is happening right now without judging or analyzing every reaction. Stop your thoughts from wandering and focus on the present.


What Stops You From Being Present?

To be present, you need to discipline your mind. You have to concentrate on what you are going through now. Most often, you are distracted by your surroundings.

Your mind is not used to staying still. So even when doing the most mundane of tasks, like washing the dishes or doing the laundry, your thoughts will be on something else. This is because we are encouraged to live a fast-paced life.

With all the technology available, you are always multitasking. You are planning ahead, or else you are musing over past events. But, unfortunately, this stops you from living in the present.

Another reason not to be present is when you cannot cope with reality. For example, you tend to zone out if the current situation is stressful or painful. This can become a habit if you do not face your fears.


Common Tips To Stay More Present 

To make it easier to be present, a few steps can be followed. They are :


  • Focus on your breathing
  • Pay attention to the task at hand
  • Be grateful for the present
  • Limit social media interaction
  • Keep a daily journal
  • Let your body relax
  • Be aware of your senses


You need to be patient and give yourself time to succeed. You can include these tips in your daily routine. The more you practice, the easier it will become for you to be present.


How Can You Practice Being Present?

Despite the many advantages of being present in the moment, it is hard to achieve. As a result, you will find yourself thinking of various other scenarios instead of paying attention to the current moment.

You need to balance out your thoughts. Allow yourself a time limit to ponder on the past and the future. Do this in small doses and focus on the positive aspects.

Learn to savor the moment. Concentrate on each task and be mindful of every detail. Appreciate the moment and be grateful for it.

Meditating and doing yoga will also help you to be present. You can train your mind to be quiet and your body to relax. Open up your senses by visualizing a happy moment.

Learn to listen to your surroundings and to the people around you. Participate in the now rather than just watching from the sidelines.


Final Thoughts on Why Is It So Hard To Be Present

Every moment in your life is precious. It may be sad or happy or even cause you to be angry. But you must learn to handle it and then move on.

You should make the most out of life and enjoy every moment. Being present will help you to have a positive and enriching life.