Why Does My Third Eye Tingle?

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The third eye is a mystical invisible eye, and it is said to be located in the center of the forehead. It is also known as the Ajna Chakra, the sixth chakra of the body. It is linked with light, perception, and intuition.

Spiritually, the third eye is symbolic of the state of enlightenment. It has the power to boost your perception of things that cannot be seen. It is also associated with having visions, out-of-body experiences, and strong psychic powers.

Opening the third eye can completely change your life. It gives you inner awareness, increases your consciousness, and increases your mental clarity.

Meditating deeply can help open your third eye. But sometimes, while meditating, you might experience a tingling sensation around the area of your third eye. This is similar to the feeling of having a headache.


What Does It Mean?

Generally, your third eye is not open. This has an effect on you physically as well as mentally. The physical symptoms include :


  • Headaches (Brain Fog)
  • Vision Impairments
  • Body Fatigue


The mental symptoms are :


  • Panic Attacks/Anxiety
  • Moodiness
  • Listlessness


The tingling sensation is an indication that you are opening your blocked third eye. You are cleansing all the negative energy from within you.

You can try a breathing technique called the ‘Bee Breath’ to relieve the tension.’ Doing this breathing exercise for at least 2 minutes will also help in opening the third eye.


Is It Common?

Usually, this is more noticeable among individuals who are new to meditation. The initial attempts at meditating can cause mental turbulence as you try to quiet your mind. This will often result in a feeling of pain around your third eye.

With more practice in meditation, this pain will lessen. The main goal should be to stick with the meditation until you can do it effortlessly. You need time and perseverance to activate your third eye.


Why Does It Happen?

This tingling sensation is a result of your blocked chakra becoming clear. It is an indication that you are progressing in your psychic development. It also means that you are activating the energy centers in your body.

The more unbalanced the Ajna chakra is, you will experience headaches, migraines, or even feelings of anxiety. However, these feelings will gradually subside as the chakra balances and all negative energy is expelled from the body.


What Should You Do About It?

You should simply accept it and carry on. Do not let the pain distract you from your meditations. Instead, you should concentrate on your breathing and focus on keeping your mind clear.

Doing yoga is another option you can try if meditation is difficult. There are certain yoga exercises that can help ease the tension and allow positive energy to flow through.

You could also try repeating positive affirmations daily or even using crystals like lapis lazuli when meditating. Incorporating purple or indigo colors in your surroundings will also help in dealing with the pain.


Is It Permanent?

The tingling sensation is not permanent; over time, it completely disappears. Once you have overcome all obstacles in opening your third eye, there will be no discomfort. But this requires a lot of patience, practice, and devotion.

Over time, you will be able to clear and balance your third eye, and your energy channels will then be cleansed. Keeping your third eye activated is continuous if you want your life to be enriching.


Final Thoughts on Why Does My Third Eye Tingle

The third eye balances the physical and spiritual qualities in the body. Opening the third eye lets you tap into your inner knowledge and guide you in making the correct choices in life. It brings harmony and peace to the body and soul.

Connecting with your Ajna chakra should be a daily routine. This will help you be more focused and perceptive of your surroundings. You will also benefit healthwise as positive energy is drawn in, and you feel relaxed and at peace.