What is Conscious Spirituality?

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Man with grey beard meditating - What is Conscious Spirituality?

For centuries man has looked to spirituality to answer many questions, including where humanity fits into the cycle of life. Even though this question is still being asked daily, many people unconsciously take the journey into spirituality.

No matter the path you choose to follow for your spirituality, you can intentionally make that journey. This is called conscious spirituality, and it may just be a more successful path to finding your way to enlightenment.

So we suggest you keep reading! Let us walk you through the concept so you can begin your journey with all the knowledge you may need to reach the end and find that peace of mind at the end of the road.


What Does It Mean?

Conscious spirituality may seem like a term that is pretty easily defined. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. This is because spirituality is very personal despite the structured religious doctrine many people follow.

Even with that being said, three key features are present no matter your spiritual practice:


  • Intention – A desire to understand the true meaning of self and how you play a role in the cycle of life.
  • Awareness – A knowledge that there is meaning to life and the interaction of the self with that meaning.
  • Practice – Actively looking for techniques and methods to achieve the intentions set at the beginning of the spiritual journey.


What is the Importance of Conscious Spiritually?

One of the main aspects of conscious spirituality is a keen understanding of the conscious and its role in the process.

Understanding that your soul, consciousness, or self, whatever you call it, is just as important as the material and physical aspects of life are keen to find your ultimate truth.

Your conscious self is vastly more important than the 3D world in general. Finding that connection with the energies of the universe and understanding your conscious role in that is the path to true spirituality and enlightenment.


Can Anyone Become Spiritually Conscious?

Spirituality is not an exclusive journey. So conscious spirituality is open to anyone willing to do the work to reach it. When you strive to achieve this, though, you will find some amazing qualities opening up that will change your life forever.

Here are some of the qualities you will be cultivating:


  • Love of the Divine
  • Release of Fear
  • Peace of Mind
  • Oneness with the Universe


How Can You Become Spiritually Conscious?

Gaining an understanding of oneself, the universe, and how the two have a symbiotic relationship brings with it all those qualities we mentioned above. Enlightenment like this can benefit your life in a multitude of ways.

So you may be asking yourself how you find your way to conscious spirituality. There is a multitude of ways, including:


  • Unlocking the ego. You have to start by learning to become aware of yourself.
  • Releasing intellectual self. This is done by accessing one’s humility and letting go of fears.
  • Find a way to acknowledge and understand emotions without letting them rule your life. One of the best ways to do this is through meditation.
  • Building knowledge. Find resources to help build skills and techniques that can be used to enter spirituality more consciously.


These are just some of the methods. These concepts can be achieved through techniques like mindfulness or meditation. Finding your path by being a little adventurous and trying new ways is key to customizing your journey.


How Long Does It Take to Learn It?

Conscious spirituality and enlightenment are not something that is a quick fix to your internal struggles. This process takes time and patience, as well as dedication and consistency.

You may stumble occasionally, but getting back to the practice you have cultivated will help keep you on track.

This journey may take you several months, years, or even your entire lifetime. But the journey is worth the work you have to put into it. If you opt to do it, you will find yourself living a more balanced and happier life.


Final Thoughts on What is Conscious Spirituality

Conscious spirituality, in its nutshell, is the active search for understanding of one’s place in the universe and how we play a role in that.

It is not something that can be done in a day or even a week, but the benefits that come from actively working on finding your path are a journey that is well worth taking.