What is Conscious Sleep?

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Woman in white shirt sleeping - What is Conscious Sleep?

Sleep is very important not only to your physical health but your mental and spiritual as well.

Though most often, when you drift into sleep, you find yourself in a somewhat unconscious state for a short amount of time before you start dreaming, there is a special type of sleeping called conscious sleep.

Conscious sleep is when you have practiced and found your way to be aware of yourself during your sleeping hours. This doesn’t mean you’re aware of the body or your surroundings but yourself, your spiritual self.

This may be a foreign concept to many individuals, and that’s why we wanted to focus on giving you as much information about this conscious-raising experience.


What Does It Mean?

Conscious sleep, when looked at from a medical perspective, is defined as the ability of one to remain self-aware while entering different phases of sleep but not being aware of the body or the environment around them.

From a spiritual perspective, many yogis talk about conscious sleep as a form of deep meditation that can be used to further your meditation skills. In particular, the ability to remain unaffected by your surroundings is much easier.


How Does It Happen?

Conscious sleep can also be called lucid sleep. This is the ability, as we said, to stay aware through the different phases. It can easily be done by using meditation before sleep.

You’re going to drift down into sleep, but once you reach the dream state or REM sleep, you’re going to be able to control and wake up slightly.

Once you do this, you should be able to remain aware of the sleep and yet still get rest. So again, staying aware and knowing that you are dreaming also opens up other avenues of spiritual growth, like dream direction.


Can You Practice Conscious Sleep?

Like any other spiritual practice, consciously can be a skill that you hone over time. However, to reach this state, you will need to accrue the skills to remain self-aware of your spirit while letting go of the physical aspects of your person.

Of course, with consistent practices and a few tips, you should be able to improve your chance of reaching conscious sleep. That being said, it is an uncommon state to reach and will definitely require dedication and patience.

Here are the tips we mentioned that should help you on your path to being able to stay aware even when sleeping:


  • Stay away from caffeine or alcohol
  • Rake a hot shower
  • Go through a mindful routine like a skincare regimen
  • Disconnect from your devices
  • Journal


Can Anyone Have Conscious Sleep?

Conscious sleep is like any other spiritual practice, something that is accessible to everyone. But that being said, the individual looking to travel down this journey to find a higher level of self while sleeping has to dedicate themselves to the practice.

It may be challenging for some individuals, though. For example, people who have problems sleeping or even have attention disorders like ADHD might find remaining still quite challenging for the length of time required.

Even with those challenges, though, it is possible and could be very beneficial to these individuals and anyone else.


Can Conscious Sleep Be Bad For You?

Sleep is a vital part of our body’s rejuvenation process. So conscious sleep consistently may be detrimental to that process. This is because, during our sleeping cycle, our brain does different things as we drift into different phases.

Remaining aware at all times could potentially detract from our brain’s capability to do what it is designed to do.

Spiritually and energetically, it can be a great tool to be able to remain aware of yourself at all times. But you have to balance it with the body’s physical needs for sleep.


Final Thoughts on What is Conscious Sleep

Conscious sleep is a state of spiritual awareness that allows you to stay self-aware while detaching from the 3D World. This can be beneficial in a spiritual and mental aspect to work towards and find yourself a better sense of peace.

We have imparted a good deal of information, but there is so much more when it comes to conscious sleep. So all we can hope is that we have helped you a little if you are thinking of starting on this spiritual journey.