What Does State of Being Mean?

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When you’re looking to improve your life through spring self-help and development, there are a lot of new terminologies that you may not be familiar with. 

In addition, some of the concepts within mindfulness and self-improvement can be quite fluid in their definitions. Take, for instance, the term state of being.

The state of being for everyone is going to be very different. However, the overall definition is your state and the quality of existence you have. These are the qualities of your life, not the goal. A perfect example of a state of being is happiness.

But to reach your ideal state of being, you have to really understand the fluid concept of it and what being actually means. So to help you, we’re going to look at this concept in a more in-depth manner.


What is An Example of a State of Being?

The state of being is a quality of life. There are many different types of states that you can live in. It’s an abstract idea that you really have to break down in order to be able to identify the different states of being within your life.

When you look at a state of being, it is something that you can’t control. This means you can steer your actions and goals toward achieving that state of being. Some of these states of being can include:


  • Happiness
  • Successful  
  • Motivated
  • Contentment
  • Peaceful


These states of being, of course, will all be very individual to you and you alone. What one person sees as happiness may not be ideal for others. 

The same thing goes with success and motivation and contentment; these are all individual states of being that have to be determined by you.


How to Use This Term?

When you’re looking to really utilize this term in its proper context, you have to understand that state of being and state of mind are two different things. State of being is the qualities of life and where you are in the moment.

State of mind, on the other hand, is your mental state. It may be very confusing because sometimes your mental and physical states are interconnected. But being and living in happiness does not mean you have a happy mental state at all times. 

So when using this term, it needs to be about your life as a whole. For instance, I am very content with where I am in my life. So this is an example of a state of being.


What is It Opposed To?

As we said above many people confuse the state of mind with the state of being. Understanding the significant difference between the two is vitally important to find yourself in the state of being you want. 

State of mind is the emotions and thoughts that you feel in the moment. No matter your state of being, those feelings are gonna ebb and flow. 

So even if you’re living a happy life or what you consider a happy life, there are still moments when your feelings are gonna interfere, and you may find yourself sad or depressed. 


What is the True Meaning of Being?

The true meaning of being is going to be different for every individual. These are the qualities of life that you seek to reach your goals. 

For some, happiness is living minimalistic and not focusing on owning possessions but rather experiencing life. Others may find that the more materialistic things bring them happiness.

In other words, each person’s true meaning Bing is very individual philosophies and needs. Finding your true meaning of being is an adventure and process that may take you years or even a lifetime.


How Many States of Being Are There?

So how many states of being are there are a wealth of different options, but they typically fall within five distinct categories. 

Not all of these need to be addressed for each individual but all of them, when trying to achieve, may help you reach your ideal state of being. There are five main categories of states of being to look at:


  • Emotional 
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Professional
  • Societal 


Final Thoughts on What Does State of Being Mean

Understanding what state of being is and what it is can help you guide your life on the path you are looking to walk on. 

The state of being is about where you are in life; it has nothing to do with your state of mind, which is about your emotional state; it is about living in the moment in the life that you want.