What Does It Mean When Your Incense Curls?

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Incense sticks on a wooden plank on grass - What Does It Mean When Your Incense Curls?

Burning incense is something that has been done for centuries. No matter what spiritual practice you do, whether you prescribe to western or eastern philosophy, incense in some manner has played a role in your religious ceremonies.

So it’s no wonder that there is a whole art of divining that is attached to the smoke from the incense.

This is called libanomancy and can be quite useful when it comes to manifesting or receiving messages from the universe’s energies.

Each aspect of the incense plays a part in the action divination process, but maybe none, so much so as the smoke. Patterns within the smoke will indicate certain messages.

So if you’re into this and you’re wondering what, for instance, it means when your instance curls, we’re going to take a look at that here. Just on the incense curl, we’ll also give you a few other tips.


Is this a Bad Sign?

It doesn’t matter what shape your incense curls are in. This is not a bad sign. You have to look at the type of curl that is happening and if it is forming a shape within that curl. Each pattern will mean a different thing.

Here are a few ways that your incense can curl and what they mean:


  • If your incense curls into a smoke circle, then this can mean that your intention is being focused, and you will soon receive the manifestation of what you’ve been putting out to the world.
  • For those with a smoke pattern that looks like a ladder, this could be talking about the different energies that the incense releases into your space. How it breaks down can show you how much energy and what type of energy is being put into your space.
  • The last one can be a sort of spiral shape. Typically if your smoke does this, it indicates spiritual growth or perhaps fresh starts. With this one, you want to pay attention to how the smoke moves. If it moves in one direction and stops, it could be a sign that something important is going to happen.


Is This Rare?

Curling smoke is not in and of itself a rarity. The shape and pattern that the smoke curls into could be something that doesn’t happen all the time. But whether it’s rare or not, the message behind the smoke pattern is important.

This means you want to pay close attention and accept the energies and flow causing the pattern. Once you’ve done this, you can then address it and move forward into harmony and balance with the world.


How to Interpret it Properly?

When you’re interpreting your smoke pattern from your incense, you need to think about not only the pattern itself but the thickness of the smoke, the color, and the speed. All of these will indicate different aspects of the message.

But we also thought we wanted to give you a few tips that could help you when you’re trying to read insert smoke:


  • You want to make sure that the room is relatively going free. You don’t want any external factors influencing the pattern of the smoke.
  • You want to make sure you have a clear and open mind when dividing with incense smoke.
  • Be patient. Rushing through things is not going to allow you to get every aspect of the message that the universe is trying to send.


Are There More Meanings When the Incense Curls?

Curling smoke can mean a wealth of different things, and other factors play a part. Things like your curl’s direction or how tight the smoke is in its curl can mean something different.

For instance, if the curl goes to the right, then it might indicate that you’re going to overcome something. But, on the other hand, if it goes to the left, it may be that the road will be a little more challenging to reach that harmonious balance.


What Should You Do About it?

In the end, what you do about the message that the universe sends you is really up to you. When you are dividing with smoke, though, you want to ensure that you address the issues as quickly as possible or embrace the positive energy.

Making a decision needs to be taken with caution. The best suggestion we have is to follow your gut and make the changes or decisions accordingly.


Final Thoughts on What Does It Mean When Your Incense Curls

Smoke naturally curls, but if you divide it with incense, the curl of smoke can denote many different things. Understanding what the universe and the energies are trying to tell you can help guide you down a more definitive path.

So we hope that next time you’re divining with incense smoke, you will better understand what those messages exactly are.