What Does It Mean When Your Incense Burns Straight Up?

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Incense stick burning - What Does It Mean When Your Incense Burns Straight Up?

Incense can be used to purify the room and allow for concentration during a meditative or ritual process.

This spiritual tool has been used like this for centuries and is thought to be the conduit for your intentions and prayers to reach the be. Because of this, it is often used when it comes to divination.

There are many aspects of incense burning that can be utilized to divine meaning, but maybe the most important is the way the smoke burns.

The pattern of the smoke, of course, will dictate the messages. For instance, maybe you’re wondering why your incense burns straight up.

Smoke that burns straight up means that the energies and your life are in harmonious balance. But of course, it can also mean things like manifestation and other spiritual aspects, but we’re gonna take a deeper dive into that below.


Is this a Bad Sign?

Smoke is heading straight upward, and a sentence stream is never a bad sign. This means that the energies within your space or even your life are balanced and harmonious. But really, what this smoke means depends on how the incense is used.

So here is a quick look at what instant smoke in different situations could potentially mean:


  • If you’re using it in ritual work, then smoke that is ascending straight up could mean that whatever you’re trying to manifest may come to fruition soon.
  • For those seeking an answer, it could indicate that you need to reach out to the spiritual energies for guidance.
  • Practitioners trying to utilize the end sense to connect with higher powers may find that if the smoke is going straight up, they are connected with those powers.
  • Individuals trying to connect with loved ones or spirits can divine this sign as there is a spirit close at hand.
  • Maybe you’re using incense to ask questions about the universe. If the smoke goes straight up when you’re asking, then it is a yes to whatever the question is you are posing to the energies.


Is This Rare?

This smoke pattern is not altogether rare. But the rarity of it has nothing to do with the divination process and what the spirits and energies are trying to tell you. This smoke pattern will happen when it is necessary.

That means that it doesn’t happen all the time, but you should take note of it when it does. This means good harmonious energies surround you, and you are ready to enjoy some positive manifestations in your life.


How to Interpret it Properly?

Before you can interpret the incense properly, you need to understand how the process works. That means you have to understand there are four basic characteristics of the smoke you have to pay attention to-density, color, volume, and velocity.

Once you understand the ideas behind each of these aspects, you can then interpret the smoke in a much more definitive way.


  • Density- The thickness of the smoke matters to the exact message. A thicker smoke means more intense emotions, whereas a thinner one is more subtle.
  • Color- Colors of the smoke matter as well. It can denote whether the energy being used is good, neutral, or bad.
  • Volume- We talked about the thickness but also the amount of smoke that can signify something. The more smoke, the more immediate the response to the message should be.
  • Velocity- The speed of the smoke plays a part in divination as well. Its slower-moving smoke means that everything is working in its own time. Whereas faster smoke means your response to it.

Do Colors of the Smoke Have Meaning as Well?

As we stated above, colors play a part in divination. Typically when burning incense, you’re going to either get white, gray, or black smoke. Each of these kids has a different message.

Here is what each color means:


  • White signifies the purity of this space and its energies. It can denote happiness and harmonious situations.
  • Gray smoke means everything is sort of neutral. That means that perhaps depending on what the intention is behind burning incense, you may need to take a more logical look at the answer to your question.
  • Black means that, typically, the space has negative energies and that it may be time for some purification of your energies and the space you work in.


What Should You Do About it?

Smoke going straight up means that good things are on the way. It indicates you have a harmonious and balanced life and receive manifestations that you have been putting out into the world.

So the truth is there’s nothing you should do about it but enjoy and continue on your path.

The only time this may be the case where something needs to be done is if the smoke is black, in which case you need to think about purifying yourself and the space that you work in.


Final Thoughts on What Does It Mean When Your Incense Burns Straight Up

Incense smoke going straight up means that you are living a happy and balanced life. It can mean that prayers and intentions may be coming and to being. No matter what, though, it is a good sign, so we hope you see this the next time you burn your incense.