What Does It Mean When Incense Smoke Splits in Two?

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Incense stick releasing smoke - What Does It Mean When Incense Smoke Splits in Two?

In the spiritual world, there are many ways that one can divine signs and the future. From tarot cards to pyromancy, divination has been done in a multitude of different ways for centuries.

One of those just happens to be something called libanomancy, otherwise known as divining the patterns and shapes formed by the smoke of the incense you burn.

The pattern of this smoke can be interpreted in a multitude of different ways. Take, for instance, if your smoke splits in two. What does that mean? If you smoke this, your life is coming to a fork in the road.

There will be a decision on which way you need to go, and each one of those paths will impact your life in different ways.

But there’s so much more to divining what instant smokes mean, and we think you must understand every aspect before really using this tool as a form of divination. So let’s take a look at everything you need to know!


Is this a Good Sign?

Incense is used in a wide range of rituals because it is a method of real intentions from the material world into the universe. So your smoke splitting into two spires is not a bad sign.

Rather it is simply saying that you were coming to a point in your life where there has to be a decision made. The outcome of whether that is a good or bad decision depends on your choice and how you view change in your life.

The biggest thing to remember is that you need to follow your intuition to choose the right path.


Does This Happen Often?

Now that you know it’s not a bad sign, you may wonder how often it may occur. Unfortunately, the truth is this cannot be answered very easily because it is about the energies and the universe’s intention for you.

Your smoke splitting into two spires will happen as often as it needs to. The best method when performing divination via incense smoke is to just go with the flow.

Your energies and the energies of the universe will do what it wants to with the smoke, and you will just have to interpret what you see.


How to Interpret it Properly?

The patterns you smoke make are very important when it comes to the divination process of using your incense. But there are so many other aspects to it that you need to understand before any final determination of what the universe is trying to tell you comes into play.

Here are the factors you have to also consider when properly divining using your incense smoke:


  • The color of the smoke is important. You want to look at whether it is white, black, or gray. White is a sign of purity. On the other hand, black is typically indicative of negativity within space. And gray is neutral but can also mean that you are not on a definitive path.
  • Smoke. When your smoke is super thick, it means heightened feelings or emotions are involved in the space or your life. Just like that thin smoke will mean that there are underlying feelings.
  • Where the smoke is coming from when it comes to your incense stick is also important. If it’s from the top, it usually means that you are sending prayers and thoughts into the universe. However, if it goes back toward you, that means that those same energies are being pushed back toward you.
  • Finally, before you look at the pattern of the smoke like we’ve been talking about, you want to think about the smoke speed. If it’s a slow-burning incense, this may mean a peaceful and calm atmosphere. If it’s faster, it just means that things are gonna wind up getting done, especially in the realm of the 3D world.


Different Ways Your Incense Smoke Can Split

There are many ways that your smoke can split from the incense itself. Each of the different patterns will indicate a different message that the energies of the universe are trying to send to you. Here are a few ways that your smoke can be split:


  • Vertically
  • Horizontally
  • Circular
  • Ladder shape
  • Spiral
  • Broken corners


What Should You Do About it?

The truth is when something like this happens, the only option you have is either to make a decision or ignore it. The energy around you is trying to relay messages to you, so we think you should embrace the message and figure out what in your life needs to be decided on.

In the end, you must ensure you go with your gut feeling. Your intuition is your body’s energy responding to the outward energies since splitting the smoke means joining a crossroads, and you need to make a decision that should be considered as a method of moving forward.


Final Thoughts on What Does It Mean When Incense Smoke Splits in Two

Your insulin smoke splitting means you’ve come to a crossroads and must make a vital decision.

The energies of the universe and your inner energies intermingle together to guide you to new paths. We hope that by walking you through what this smoke pattern means that we have helped you on your journey to finding your right path.