What Does Higher Consciousness Feel Like?

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Person meditating on the ledge of a mountain - What Does Higher Consciousness Feel Like?

Many of us look on with, and I do think, it’s kind of at religious individuals with awe as they can, through different practices, find a higher level of consciousness.

But these levels of consciousness are not solely for these practitioners, even the average everyday person can find a way to higher consciousness.

Why would you want to? When you find a higher level of consciousness, you begin to feel more in tune with yourself and the world around you. There is a sense of euphoria and calm that comes with it.

But there’s so much more to higher consciousness! So then, to find your path to this peace of mind, there are a lot of factors to understand. So we’re going to try to answer as many of those questions and highlight those backers as possible.


What Would a Higher Level of Consciousness Look Like?

Many people set out on a journey to find a higher level of consciousness. But they often do this without understanding what a higher level of consciousness looks like in the long run.

Typically most experts that work with this type of spiritual journey say that it comes down to four different stages. These stages are:


  • You may find yourself realizing that you are less likely to feel like a victim.
  • The law of attraction and manifestation becomes more aware in the forefront of your mind.
  • Higher consciousness brings with it the realization that you can surrender power to the universe.
  • You find yourself understanding the balance of energy and the role you and the universe play in it.


Is There a Specific Feeling of Higher Consciousness?

Peace, calm, and serenity. Using the tools available to you to find your path to a higher consciousness level, we’ll bring all of these emotions to the forefront when you can step back and see how you play a role in the cycle of life.

You then are able to stay grounded and centered at the moment. This brings with it those feelings of calm and peace, and serenity. The alignment you fill with the energies within your body and without with less stress and anxiety in a more intentional manner.


How Do You Know Your Level of Consciousness?

So how do you know what level of consciousness you are at? There are significant signs and ways you interact with the world around you that can indicate where you’re at on your journey.

Let’s look at some of those:


  • Physical – embody the external environment you are in
  • Disillusionment – begin to identify less with the material world
  • Relation- You begin to be more sensitive and empathetic
  • Individualism – You begin to take action and understand your decisions are your own
  • Releasing the destructive – You begin to make lifestyle changes to remove destructive influences
  • Spiritual Meets Physical – You begin to see the difference between the two worlds
  • Spiritual Life – In this level, you begin to live and make decisions with your spiritual and emotional self
  • Combining with the energies – You begin to feel your body and the symbiosis it has with the universe
  • In the Moment – At this level of consciousness, you begin to feel your entirety as one being
  • No Ego – This higher level allows you to release your ego and live completely spiritually


How Can You Access Higher Consciousness?

So how do you get to these higher levels of consciousness? There are plenty of methods that can be used and practices to implement that can help you on your journey to achieving these higher consciousness levels.

But there are a couple of main features that have to be present for you to begin that journey. Here are four ways to begin the process:


  • You need to move away from our, as a society, tendencies to constantly blame others and situations for things that occur in our life.
  • Try to focus on the fact that you’re not limited to where you are in the moment. You can use your thoughts and feelings to direct energies in the universe to bring the things you want into your life.
  • Make yourself open to the world and the energies that flow through it. When you start to do this, you will be a little out of control, but this is called surrendering to the universe and the energies.
  • Trying to really acknowledge that you are just a piece of the universal consciousness will allow you to let go of ego and selfishness.


How Long Does It Take to Learn It?

Patience is definitely something that needs to be cultivated when you set out on this journey to find a higher level of consciousness. It is not a quick fix for anything. Finding yourself moving up the ladder of consciousness takes time and dedication.

Dedication and practice are key. It can take years or even lifetimes to reach the highest level of consciousness.

Some may experience shifts in their consciousness rather quickly, but in general, it takes as long as the universe and the energies that are interesting, so I mean, again, a lot of people require it too.


Final Thoughts on What Higher Consciousness Feels Like

Finding a higher level of consciousness can help you really live a life of peace and tranquility. Of course, it takes dedication and patience, but if you are willing to submit to the universe’s energies, it could lead to a longer and happier life.