Soul Consciousness vs. Body Consciousness

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A lady meditating infront of a white surface - Difference between Soul Consciousness and Body Consciousness.

Consciousness is defined as being aware of yourself and the environment around you. It is your thoughts, feelings, and all other emotions that make an impression on you. There are different types of consciousness.

The most notable consciousness is the consciousness of the soul. You accept all the good and bad traits within you and focus on being in the present moment. You picture yourself as a being of light, pure and peaceful.

Soul consciousness is to experience your true self. It is a journey of empowering yourself to become a better version of yourself.

Body consciousness is when you identify your appearance according to the perceptions of others. You value yourself according to the opinions of others. You try to conform to what you think your body should look like.


What Are The Differences?

Soul consciousness focuses on the inner you. You are at peace with yourself. Your mind is calm, and you are spiritually fulfilled.

Whereas in body consciousness, your emotions and actions are always fluctuating. You allow external forces to stimulate you and often end up making wrong decisions. For example, you do not feel yourself to be worthy.


Which One Is More Common?

Body consciousness is the most common consciousness among people. To be considered physically attractive, one’s body must conform to certain rules. We are instilled with this belief from an early age.

That is the reason why many people are not comfortable in their body shape and feel excluded from society. It lowers your self-esteem and brings in a lot of negative energy. You are constantly acting against your true self.

The appearance of a person is always in view. This makes you feel exposed, vulnerable, and insecure. This type of consciousness is prevalent across all ages and genders.


Can You Experience Both At The Same Time?

You can have a consciousness of your soul and still have a consciousness of your body. You can have peace within you and also be at peace in your environment. You are able to live in the moment and not worry about what others think of you.

If you can master your soul consciousness, then it is easy to have a positive body consciousness. You must be happy with your inner self and also be comfortable with your image.

You can balance both and enjoy an enriching and wholesome life. Acceptance in yourself is the key to experiencing both these consciousnesses.


Why Are Both Of These Good To You?

Soul consciousness brings you contentment. You are calm, compassionate, and at peace with yourself. You feel connected physically and spiritually. Your mind is quiet, and you are mindful and tolerant of your feelings.

Body consciousness is good if you identify it with positivity. You need to be comfortable with your body image and work towards maintaining a healthy outlook. Being body conscious will also alert you to the needs of your body.

You will be aware of what needs attention and care for your physical self. You will be able to accept any difficulties and work towards resolving them. This is possible when you have balanced your soul and body consciousness.


How Can You Exercise Soul And Body Consciousness?

If you can keep your soul and body consciousness in harmony, it will bring you many benefits. You must first identify your soul consciousness. That means recognizing that there is an inner light within you that sustains you.

Take the time to nurture your soul. You need to connect to your inner self and learn to simply be in the moment. Meditation can help you in this situation.

Exercising body consciousness would require you to listen to your physical self. Maintain your image to your satisfaction and well-being. Be confident and positive about yourself.


Final Thoughts on Soul Consciousness Vs. Body Consciousness 

It is important to have a soul consciousness as well as a body consciousness. It keeps you grounded and gives you a wholesome life. As a result, you will feel a better person and be able to contribute meaningfully to the lives of your loved ones.

As long as you are able to accept your true self and be content with your image, you can succeed in life’s journey. The consciousness of yourself is the most important aspect of your being.