Palo Santo Makes Me Nauseous

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Palo Santo stick on a table - It Makes Me Nauseous

Palo santo (Spanish for “holy wood”) is a traditional remedy used by the indigenous people of Ecuador, Peru, and other South American countries for generations to reduce pain, inflammation, and stress.

The most probable and clinically backed reason why you might feel nauseous when exposed to palo santo is that you have some form of allergy to the wood, its resin, or the essential oil extracted from the tree.

Read on if you’re interested in learning the possible reasons why this cleansing wood might be making you feel sick and what you can do about it.


Why Does it Happen?

There are several reasons why palo santo might be making you feel nauseous and range from causes based on science to more spiritual origins. Palo santo could make you feel ill if:


  • You are allergic to the tree in any form, but especially if you ingest things like the essential oil
  • You have strong disbelief in the powers of alternative medicines, so much so that resisting its effects makes you feel sick as a placebo or otherwise
  • You are simply averse to the aroma of the wood


Whatever the reason, you may need to confirm that it is actually the palo santo causing the issue.


Is this Common?

If you do, indeed, have an allergy to any part of palo santo, then it can be a fairly common issue. Allergies are on the rise across the world, with some estimates that 1 in 4 people have an allergy of some sort.

Becoming sick around palo santo as part of the resistance to spiritual healing or a large, negative influence is not uncommon as well, but it can be harder to identify if this is the issue.

In either case, it is important to seek the appropriate help to determine the cause and how to proceed accordingly.


Can You Stop it?

It is unlikely that you will be able to just stop feeling nauseous around palo santo because you no longer wish to feel that way.

If you have an allergy, you might be able to reduce or even eliminate the symptoms by taking medication. Consult with a medical professional to see if you require a prescription or if an over-the-counter solution can provide you with relief.

If you believe that the problem is with your spirituality, you may need to meditate and work through some intensely negative thoughts and emotions until they are resolved. Afterward, you may find that you no longer feel nauseous around palo santo.


How to Get Used to It?

Similarly to whether you can fully prevent the onset of nausea, being able to get used to the fragrance of burning palo santo is a complex situation with unclear answers.

Recent research suggests that you may be able to overcome an allergy by slowly introducing and increasing the dosage of an allergen over time.

This oral immunotherapy or desensitization is still being examined for efficacy and safety but has had some success with peanut allergies.

If this is the case, you may be able to desensitize yourself to palo santo by starting with very small exposures and building up until it no longer causes an issue. However, this isn’t recommended in an unprofessional setting and could cause more harm than good.


How Long Does it Take to Get Used to it?

As far as spirituality is concerned, getting used to palo santo will be a very personal journey. This means it could take no time at all to an entire lifetime before you get used to palo santo. On the other hand, you may never get used to palo santo either.

If there were a desensitization treatment for palo santo, the procedure could easily take over six months as you are accurately dosed and monitored for negative reactions. Doing so by yourself, which is not recommended, could take much longer.


Final Thoughts on Palo Santo Making You Feel Nauseous 

Palo santo is a natural remedy that has gained immense popularity over recent years to relieve pain, inflammation, and stress. Even so, some people have reported complaints of nausea when exposed to its fragrant smoke or oils.

The reasons why can vary between individuals, but it is likely that you are experiencing a mild allergic reaction or are subconsciously resisting the healing properties of the wood if you are not spiritually inclined.