Mantra To Get Over Someone

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A mantra is a word or phrase you repeat while meditating. It helps you focus by calming your mind, easing stress, and bringing peace. There are many mantras that you can choose to help you in meditation.

Chanting a mantra also helps you to cope with your problems. For instance, dealing with a breakup is extremely difficult. It takes a toll on yourself and triggers your emotional sense.

Most often, your self-confidence will be down, and you will feel miserable. Overcoming this situation by saying a mantra or positive affirmations does wonders for you. It gives you the strength and determination to move on.


5 Mantras That Will Help You Get Over Someone

The first step in getting over someone is to accept the fact that the relationship is over. There should be no ‘What If’ questions about the breakup. You need to now bring the focus onto you and stop thinking about what went wrong.

This is easier said than done. But there are a few mantras that can help you achieve this. The top 5 are :


  • I am a being of love
  • I loved before, and I will love again
  • I am healing myself
  • I am free from the past
  • I am becoming stronger


You should choose a mantra that resonates with you and your situation. The most important factor is that you should have a steadfast belief in the mantra.


How Often Should You Say It?

You should start your day with a mantra. Then spend at least 5 minutes saying your mantra. Once you have established a routine, you should aim to say your mantra at least ten times during the course of the day.

Always say your mantra slowly and believe in what you are saying. Make sure you focus on each word. Maintain your routine, and do not miss saying your mantra.

When you are comfortable with the mantra, you can increase the number of times you say it. The more you practice, the easier it will be to heal you.


How Long Does It Take To Help You?

You cannot give a time limit on how long a mantra will take to help you. It all depends on the individual. You have to have patience and trust in the process.

You must make it a daily ritual and say it often throughout the day. You must also concentrate on what you are saying and believe in the mantra.

If you say your mantra with conviction and confidence, you will notice a difference in a short period of time. The mantra is the first step in giving you self-empowerment and confidence. With daily practice, you can ensure good results.


How Can You Know If It’s Working?

Saying your mantra will give you a sense of peace and confidence in yourself. This is one method of knowing that your mantra is working. But it will take time to achieve.

Once you are comfortable with your mantra, you will notice a change in yourself. At first, the changes will be subtle. But in time, you will discover that you feel more whole and complete and at peace.

Every time you say your mantra, you will find yourself relaxing and releasing the pain. You will be more accepting of the change in your life and be more upbeat. You will even feel more self-confident and have a positive outlook on life.


What If You Feel Like It’s Not Working?

Sometimes, saying a mantra does not help. Even if you are consistent in doing it daily, you may still feel upset and unhappy. When this happens, you need to consider other options.

Having low self-esteem will often hinder your mantra from working. This lowers your confidence and diminishes your self-worth. Having negative thoughts also blocks the efficiency of the mantra.

In such instances, you need to get outside help. Consulting a therapist would be ideal. They can help you work out your problems and identify how best to deal with them. You may need to follow a different course of healing before embarking on your mantra.


Final Thoughts on Mantra To Get Over Someone

Getting over someone is not something that is easily done. Having to deal with the pain and the emotional distress is very overwhelming. To cope with this situation, saying a mantra is very beneficial.

It will make you feel better and complete and at peace. It is a positive way of moving on and looking ahead while accepting the changes that happen.