Is It Possible to Levitate While Meditating?

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Woman in black top and pants meditating - Is It Possible to Levitate While Meditating?

Meditating can bring a lot of wonderful benefits to your life. It allows you to calm your mind and align your energies with the world around you. This can lead to happiness and a lighter feeling, but some wonder if it can do other things for you on a more metaphysical level.

For instance, is it possible to levitate while meditating? Though this is a point of contention with many, some people believe in these metaphysical abilities to levitate. However, some also believe it is more of a spiritual levitation than a physical one you’re feeling.

To take a look at both sides of that coin, we’re going to dive deep into meditation and levitation and, if they are possible, both individually and together.


Is It Physically Possible to Levitate?

Scientifically there is no evidence that levitation is something that could be a reality. However, that being said, there are religious communities that do believe that this type of metaphysical capability is possible.

Some gasses could potentially cause you to be weightless and allow for levitation but the actual act of your mind lifting yourself is something that is not a proven fact. 

That being said, there have been cases of levitation being documented in the past period. Though some of them have been refuted, there are still a few out there that leave us wondering.


What are People That Can Meditate Called?

For everyday individuals that meditate, there is no specific title to them. Most of the time, you just call them someone who meditates or if you want to specifically name a meditator. 

But, on the other hand, if they are someone who has more spiritual practice, they could be called something like a guru. This is not specifically a title that’s given to someone who meditates in general.

But, it has been something that has been utilized to discuss people that are well versed in many different types of meditation and achieved the highest level of calm and centering using meditation.


What Causes You to Levitate?

For those that believe in levitation via spiritual practices, it is caused primarily by their being able to control the flow of the energies around them. This is only obtainable with consistent and intense work balancing themselves with the universe surrounding them.

For those that are a little more scientific, here are some things that could cause you to levitate:


  • strong magnetic fields
  • intense sound waves
  • high-density gases
  • low gravity fields


Can Sound Levitate People?

Levitating things with sound is also called acoustic levitation. Through research studies in scientific institutions, there have been proven results when it comes to utilizing sound to levitate objects. This even includes heavy objects like things made of metal.

So, in theory, the sound should be able to levitate people when utilized at the proper frequencies and amplitudes. 

Though we’re not sure how that would play with the eardrums of the individual or how it would be done, it could potentially be very useful in the future, especially regarding transportation. 

But it would probably not be advisable due to the levels of sound necessary during meditation practice.


Why Do You Feel Like Floating While Meditating?

It might be a little unsettling if you’re meditating all of a sudden you feel like you’re floating but don’t be scared. It’s a great thing. This means that as your meditation practices have progressed, you have found your way into a much deeper state of relaxation.

In this state, your brain has begun producing frequency waves known as Theta waves. This is the deepest level of relaxation that your brain can take. So in regards to the physical scientific method, that is what the floating feeling is. 

But on a spiritual level, it indicates that your body and mind have gotten to the point where they are aligned with the energies of the universe around you.

In this state, it is much easier for those negative thoughts and emotions to float away, and sometimes your spiritual body will move with the energies around, causing you to feel lighter and therefore feel like you’re floating.


Final Thoughts on Is It Possible to Levitate While Meditating

Levitation in a physical aspect has never been scientifically proven to be able to be done by an individual with their mind. 

There is an external fact that could cause high magnetic fields and such, but spiritually it is not a scientifically proven fact. That being said, for highly spiritual people, things of this nature are completely possible.

When talking about levitating during meditation, the most common thing is to have a feeling of floating. That is your brain and body becoming attuned to the energies around you, allowing you to feel lighter. 

So for most, the feeling of levitation when you’re meditating is not a physical thing, it is much more of a spiritual experience.