Is It Normal to Fall Asleep While Meditating?

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Girl in ping t-shirt meditating - Is It Normal to Fall Asleep While doing it?

If you are into meditation, we are sure you have woken up on more than one occasion and wondered what happened.

Maybe like many, you feel like you have failed when it comes to your meditation session and wonder if anyone else has had to deal with this. The truth is it is very common to fall asleep while meditating.

Most of the time, this happens because when our body starts to relax, its natural process of shutting down for the day begins. Trying to remain awake while this takes practice and focus. But it can be done.

We wanted to give you more answers when it came to this situation to help you realize you are not alone and maybe to give you a few tips on how to help prevent this from happening.


What Does It Mean When You Fall Asleep During Meditation?

The first thing you have to understand is that if you happen to fall asleep during meditation, this is not failing.

Your body, when relaxed, does what it needs to do. If, during your meditation, you find yourself away, it could simply mean you are sleep deprived, and your body is saying you need the rest.

Or perhaps you have been sleeping poorly, and the relaxation has allowed you to find a path to some stress-free sleep.

That can never be bad. You don’t, of course, want this to be the result every time you sit down to meditate, but if it happens occasionally, don’t beat yourself up for it.


Is It Good To Sleep During Meditation?

As we said above, it is perfectly normal if you occasionally sit down and drift off while meditating. So it is not bad, but if it happens every time, then that might not be so good.

Not only will you not get the full benefits of the meditation, but it could be a sign of a bigger problem. Because this is the consequence of your body never really getting enough good sleep, you may need to address your sleep cycle and habits.

In short, it is good because it is your body taking its opportunity to reset and get some sleep. But if it is consistent, then looking at how you sleep might be the first step before starting a meditation practice.


What Are the Signs of Deep Meditation?

Though the primary reason for falling asleep during meditation is poor sleep or a lack of sleep, you may be thinking you are sleeping, but in truth, you have just found yourself in a deep meditative state.

How do you tell the difference? Here are a few signs that what you think is sleep is similar you achieving a deep meditation:


  • You don’t feel like you are meditating
  • Lost in thoughts can also be a sign that you have gone deeper
  • Time seems to not exist
  • When you are done, you feel lighter, and you are completely relaxed
  • Shallower breathing


How Common Is It To Fall Asleep While Meditating?

It is quite common to fall asleep during meditation. After all, you are putting your body into a highly relaxed state, and if you have had problems sleeping, it will take the chance to get that rest.

But like we said a few times in this article, constantly having this happen will not help you achieve the best results.

So you want to avoid having it happen all the time. So we thought you might be able to use some tips to ensure that you don’t keep having this problem.


  1. Try to ensure you are getting enough sleep
  2. Don’t eat a heavy meal before
  3. Create a specific space
  4. Try different types of meditation, including walking or doing it in nature
  5. Many people meditate with their eyes closed. If this is a problem, try not to
  6. Use music or sounds to meditate to


Does It Mean Your Meditation Failed?

No attempt at meditation is a failure, especially if it is in regard to falling asleep. It is your body responding to a need. If you do so continually, it is a potential sign that you need to look at other areas that could affect your health.

In particular, you need to look at your quality and quantity of sleep. So if it happens every now and then, don’t beat yourself up. It is normal. Just try to use some of the tips above, and we are sure you won’t have to worry about the problem very often.


Final Thoughts Is It Normal to Fall Asleep While Meditating

So don’t worry if you happen to catch a few Zzzs while you are meditating it is very normal. We hope that if we have had to deal with this problem regularly, our tips and look at the problem will help you figure out a way to avoid it happening as much anymore.