Incense Smoke Making Circles

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Incense Smoke Making Circles

Incense has been used in ritual ceremonies in multiple different practices for centuries. For example, it is used to carry prayers to the universe or to cleanse and is a tool that should be present in every spiritual household.

Along with that, many people utilize it for certain divine aspects. Where the smoke goes or how it spins can mean a wealth of different things. For instance, if your incense smoke is making circles, there may be quite a bit of negativity in the area.

Of course, that means if there’s negativity in the individual or the home, it may be time for cleansing. But we’ll take a deeper dive into what instant smoke-making circles are trying to tell you.


How to Do it?

There is no definitive way to create circles in your smoke when burning incense. The energies within the room will cause the smoke to move. Of course, to have an accurate reading, you need to make sure that no airflow is disturbing the smoke patterns.

This means when you’re burning incense, you might want to turn the air conditioner down and close the window so that you’re getting a true message from the universal energies.

If that is done, then whatever the smoke does, Can we terminate to be interacting with the energies of the room itself?


What Does it Mean When Incense Curls into a Circle?

That being said, understanding what it means can help you determine your next steps. For example, the incense that curls into circles often means that there is negative energy in or around the area of the instances being burnt.

If these energies are present, then you may need to begin thinking about doing a cleansing ritual. The faster you remove the negative energies, the better you and the space will fill.


Do You Need Specific Candles for it?

When it comes to lighting your candles, there’s no specific way that you need to light them. Some people utilize matches. Other people, simply a lighter. Some people even light them with candles.

When it comes to lighting the candles, you don’t necessarily need any specific type. Though you may want to correlate the color of the candle to the specific reason you are burning incense.

For instance, if you’re looking to purify the space, then you will definitely want to use a white candle.


How Does it Happen?

The way the incidence flows is the way the energies within the room are reading it. Often when energies are negative, they will be thicker and heavier and cause airborne things like smoke to begin to move in different ways.

One of the ways is to create circles, especially when the negative energies are turbulent and affect every aspect of the room.

These energies grab onto the smoke and begin to make them twirl as if in a vortex. If this is what you see, then, as we said above, it’s time to look into doing a bit of a cleansing spell on the area.


Do You Need a Special Movement for it?

When utilizing incense to check the energies in a room, no special movement is necessary. However, it is highly suggested that when you begin to walk around, you try to do so in a clockwise manner as long as you’re in the northern hemisphere.

It would be the opposite in the southern hemisphere, and you would walk counterclockwise.

This motion is intended to help drive the negative energy out and bring the positive energy in.

Or to make anything positive happen depending on the intentions behind burning the incense.


Final Thoughts on Incense Smoke Making Circles

Making the incense do circles is not up to the spiritual individual utilizing instance but rather the energies within the room. So if you see incense filling in circles, that means that the area you’re working in needs to have the energy rejuvenated.

There is too much negativity in that space, and doing any spiritual work will only lead to negative results. So pay attention to the smoke that allows you to burn your incense and any ritual situation. It can be a clear indication of what exactly your next steps need to be.