How to Meditate On a Question?

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Woman in white tank top and grey pants meditating sitting on rocks - How to Meditate On a Question?

There are many reasons that you may begin meditating. From trying to calm an overactive mind to answering a particular question, all of the ways that you utilize meditation if done properly, are valid. 

Many people know about the calming aspect, but not everyone understands meditation on a question.

The meditation practice is the same. You need to find a quiet space to calm yourself and begin to relax in your thoughts. 

The only thing that differs is that when you have a question, you need to make sure you keep it forefront in your mind as you begin the meditational practice.

Because it’s very unfamiliar, we thought we’d take a look at how to meditate on a question and give you some things that may help you if this is what you’re looking to gain while meditating.


How Do You Meditate On Something?

Meditating on something is maybe counterintuitive for some. It is the opposite of the fact. Many people use meditation as a way to guide themselves to answers or to ask the universe itself to give them some sort of clue on the path they need to take.

The process is the same basically as regular meditation, but we thought we’d take you through step by step:


  • Find someplace quiet, away from distractions, and comfortable for you to begin.
  • As you begin to relax your body, you need to begin thinking of your question.
  • When you have the question in mind, and your body is beginning to relax, you’re gonna focus on your breath work.
  • Think on social media, then utilize visualization and the continuation of this breathwork to relax into the question and seek the answer you’re looking for.


Should You Write it Down?

It’s best not to distract yourself while you’re in meditation practice. However, if writing the question down before and after your session can help you focus on it, then it is advisable. 

In fact, it may be a great tool for you to continue to have that question in the forefront of your mind so that you can watch for signs and guides that will help you to the final solution.

What are the things that we like to do after a meditation like this? 

We take out our journals and write down our thoughts and feelings from the meditation. This could very well be a key to helping you find the answer to your question as well as keeping the question and thought.


Do You Repeat the Question While Meditating?

As you’re meditating, you want to calm your body and mind so that you can be open to the answer or communication about the question you are meditating on. 

You’re like repeating the question over and over again is very simple as repeating a mantra over and over again while you’re meditating. 

Whether you repeat it over and over again depends on what works for you. But it’s highly suggested that you do this as it will allow you to keep your mind focused on that and not drift off into other thoughts. 

If you do drift off away from the question, make sure you have knowledge of that but pull yourself back to the question at hand.


How Can You Watch Your Thoughts While Meditating?

The kid and meditating on a question or meditation, in general, is to make sure you can watch your thoughts while you’re doing that. In fact, this is one of the prime pillars of this process. So we thought we’d give you a few tips that might help you do just that:


  • Make sure your meditation space is free of any distractions and quiet
  • try to ensure your posture is good. Whether you lay down or sit, make sure you’re not slouching or curled up. Your body needs to be able to allow the energies to flow freely
  • Do whatever you need to do during meditation to create relaxation. That means if you need to burn candles or light incense, then that is what you should do.
  • So focus on your breathing, and this will help you watch your thoughts.


Things to Avoid While Meditating On a Question

There are always mistakes that can be made, especially when you are meditating on a question.

Even the smallest thing can potentially create a situation where your meditation is not wholly successful. So here are some of the biggest things we think you should avoid during not only meditating on a question but meditating in general:


  • Don’t force your breathwork. Relax into your breath work and concentrate on it but forcing it is going to draw your attention away from the question at hand. 
  • Try not to be too hard on yourself. It’s going to take time to learn how to meditate in general. Meditating on a question can be very challenging because you have to clear your thoughts and focus solely on that one question. So if you drift, let yourself drift but make sure you don’t beat yourself up for it.
  • Don’t think that the answer is going to automatically appear the minute you meditate on the question. You may not even get the answer during the meditation session. But it will open the universe up and clear your mind so that you can focus and see the signs that are all around you.


Final Thoughts on How to Meditate On a Question 

Meditating on a question is a great way to really open your energies up to receive answers from the universe. To do that, though, you have to do it correctly, and that is why we hope that everything we talked about in this article has been helpful to you.