How to Experience Cosmic Consciousness

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Consciousness! When we hear the term, we automatically go straight to the traditional idea of consciousness, which is most often associated with Mystics and other religious individuals from various faiths.

However, looking at it as a cosmic concept rather than an internal concept can be very challenging for many people.

But there are some that do this and have done quite a bit of thought into cosmic consciousness and how to achieve it. Cosmic consciousness is an in-depth awareness of the senses in the sense of encompassing both reality and the unperceived world.

Most individuals that have experienced this level of consciousness do it through religious means or mindfulness practices like yoga, meditation, and prayer.

However, the concept and idea of cosmic consciousness are so large and hard to describe that many find it difficult to even begin the journey toward it.

But with an understanding of the idea and the methods by which you can experience it, the path should be much clearer. So if you’re looking to have enlightenment and find cosmic consciousness, we want to help you on your path.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the experience and just how you can begin your journey to achieve it.


What is Cosmic Consciousness?

Cosmic consciousness is the most common term for the highest form of consciousness. This consciousness allows one to understand that the universe, man, and the power of divinity are all the same thing.

One cannot exist without the other, and a symbiotic relationship between all three creates the reality that we live in.

Cosmic consciousness is the understanding that no matter the dichotomy of light and dark, death and life, good and evil are all the same. This allows the spiritual individual to understand how they, as an individual, play a role in the eternal cycle of life.


How Does It Happen?

The truth is we are all born with a cosmic mind, and this mind already understands the way life is and has the answer to every question you may have. It’s through birth and the 3D World that our cosmic mind forgets this.

So if the answer is already there, there have to be ways that we can access them. One can use many different spiritual practices and techniques to begin the ascension back to the true higher self.

Here are some of the ways that you can find your way to the oneness with the universe that comes with cosmic consciousness:


  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Breathwork


Along with these, a conscious effort to become more aware of the self and the universe that surrounds you is necessary.


What Does It Feel Like?

After you’ve put into place the practices necessary to get you on your journey toward cosmic consciousness, how do you know that you’ve achieved it? In other words, how does it feel once you find your way to it?

This is an individual feeling, but most discuss a feeling of oneness. This oneness is a knowing and understanding of the ebb and flow of life itself. It is the feeling of the bliss of being calm.

It often comes with a laser focus and the ability to enjoy every moment in this 3D World. But along with that, it is the feeling of knowing that even once the 3D World is over for you, there is so much more for your spirit to experience.


How Can You Practice It?

Much like any other form of consciousness-raising exercise, two main skills and processes must be followed.

First, cosmic consciousness is only found through introspection and awareness. Both of these come hand in hand together. Through introspection, one will gain awareness.

The method by which introspection is done is really up to the individual. Some people prefer meditation, and others prefer mindfulness exercises like journaling or even yoga.

No matter the method you choose, in the end, it is the ability to be aware and has true introspection that will help guide you to knowing your true self, and once that is unlocked, cosmic consciousness soon follows.


Can Anyone Experience It?

Consciousness is not something that is only reserved for Mystics and religious figures. It can be obtained by anyone who has the dedication and persistence to incorporate practices into their daily life that further them along their path to a higher understanding.

As you said, it will take patience, dedication, and persistence to achieve cosmic awareness. But if you’re someone who is devoted to this and seeking the truth of the universe, you can definitely obtain it.


Final Thoughts on How to Experience Cosmic Consciousness

Cosmic awareness and achieving this state is a journey that could take a lifetime. But if you seek a higher understanding and oneness with the universe, it is a journey that is worth taking.

We hope that our look at cosmic consciousness has helped you determine whether this is the path for you and the way that you look to achieve this blissful state.