How To Change Your Consciousness

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Man wearing grey t-shirt meditating - How To Change Your Consciousness?

The definition of consciousness is to be aware of all external and internal factors. We all have a consciousness that is unique to us. Your consciousness is always changing from one experience to another.

When your consciousness changes, your perception of your surroundings also changes.

There are various states of consciousness. Some of them are:


  • Dreams
  • Meditation
  • Sleep


Most often, you are not really focusing on your true self. Instead, you follow a path that has been designated to you by others. Ultimately, you end up being disillusioned and unsatisfied with your life.


Is This Possible?

It is possible to change your consciousness. But first, you must be aware that a change is necessary. Then, you must have the courage to change your outlook and work towards focusing on yourself.

The first step in changing your consciousness would be to meditate. This will make you aware of your inner self and calm your emotions. You can clear your mind and concentrate on your goals.

You need to open yourself to new experiences. Find your purpose in life and be responsible for all your decisions. The more accepting you become of yourself, the easier it will be to change your consciousness.


How Does It Happen?

At some point, you might feel that you are confined in your consciousness. It is then that you will seek a change. A change will open up new horizons and broaden your outlook.

A change in your consciousness provides you with a renewed enthusiasm for life. You will want to seek new opportunities and be more involved. Once you decide to change, you must follow through with it.

You start by learning to be flexible and more open-minded. You also expand your knowledge of your beliefs and your spirituality. Another key factor is to be forgiving, compassionate, and loving yourself.


Where Do You Start?

You begin by following a few steps. This will help you achieve the desired change. They are :



You take a break during the day to simply be quiet and be aware of what is happening around you. As a result, you can meditate and sharpen your concentration.


Live mindfully

You think of your purpose in life and what you want to achieve. Instead of judging, you choose to find ways of changing your views.


Set intentions

You set your intentions on who you want to be. You need to strive to raise your consciousness by focusing on your well-being.


Act consciously

You start to take responsibility for how you interact with others. You learn to be a positive influence on all.


How Long Does It Take?

The time it takes to change your consciousness depends on how committed you are to doing it. On average it might take around 3 to 4 weeks. But this time frame depends on your willingness to change.

You need to stick with the new routine despite any setbacks that may occur. You can allocate time during the day to be mindful. You can then incorporate this into your daily routine.

The more diligent you are in doing this, the sooner you will be able to change your consciousness. The important fact is to be open to changing and raising your consciousness to a higher level.


How Can You Tell If You Are Making Progress?

You will notice an improvement in your self-awareness. You will be in better control of your emotions. Your focus will be sharper, and you will tend to think positively.

You will also feel more confident in yourself. There will be less self-doubt and negativity. You will be able to take risks and expand your beliefs.

This is all an indication that you are on the right path. This will encourage you to do better and empower you to live a wholesome life.


Final Thoughts on How To Change Your Consciousness

You can change your consciousness, but you must be dedicated in your approach. It is not something that you can accomplish overnight. Instead, you need to be patient and persevering in your approach.

The end result is well worth the effort you put in. You will feel the change in yourself, and this will influence every part of your life positively. When you change your consciousness, you are transforming your life for the better.