How to Access Pure Consciousness?

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Man in black t-shirt meditating outside - How to Access Pure Consciousness?

The meaning of life is something that people have chased after for centuries. Taking in everything they could learn and experience to find a balance and peacefulness within themselves.

In other words, they’re looking for pure awareness, or as many will call it, pure consciousness.

With pure consciousness, you gain power over your thoughts and how you interact with the world, which always allows you to stay in the moment. It’s a sense of calm and oneness with the world within and without. But how do you access pure consciousness?

The truth is the journey for everyone is different. How you get there is different. So in this article, we’re gonna look at what pure consciousness is and potential ways that you can access it to help you along your spiritual journey.


What is Pure Consciousness Like?

Pure consciousness is the mental and spiritual state of being free of any impurities. These impurities prevent one from being in tune with the energies of the universe, both within and without.

Impurities like feelings, emotions, and thoughts can all color how we interact with the world. But, much like a perfectly clear pool of water, you can see the truth about yourself and the world in general when there are no imperfections.

Pure consciousness allows you to be in the moment and take in everything non-judgmental and bias-free. Because of this, you see the world and can handle situations more effectively and less stressfully.

Understanding yourself and the world, in general, will allow you to move through life, taking every experience and emotion in a much more meaningful manner. Pure consciousness is a state that allows you to be free of any of the trivial things the world has brought to life.

Instead, you are focused on being one with the universe and the energies it brings to life, and that creates a more meaningful life.


How Can You Access It?

Pure consciousness is something that takes dedication and practice. You have to have the right tools and practices in place in order to achieve this. There are a multitude of different ways, and every individual will have a different path.

In other words, there will be things that work for one person and don’t work for the other. That being said, there are some key factors that you can utilize as guideposts to develop your practice to find your path to pure consciousness.

Here are some that play a role in finding that ultimate peace of mind:


  • Gratitude – Spending time every day to be grateful for what you can bring with it a sense of enlightenment.


So often, we focus on the negative that we tend to forget the things that are positive in our life. Focusing on that can help align our consciousness with the energies around us.


  • Mindfulness – Making decisions mindfully and looking at our life through the lens of mindfulness can help us find our grounding at the moment.


That in and of itself is the first step to finding your way to pure consciousness.


  • Acting Consciously – Making decisions and living our lives conscientiously and consciously is key to finding pure consciousness.


This is because if you act in a conscious nature, your mind is going to naturally move away from the biases and build in judgments that have come through our upbringings and society.


  • Living Intentionally – Setting intentions is not only about goals. Yes, by setting intentions in life, you are setting goals, but it also allows you to be conscientious about how you achieve those goals.


That creates this mindset that makes you really look at the world more intentionally, and that keeps you balanced and grounded in the here and now.


  • Awareness – One of the biggest aspects when it comes to finding your way to pure consciousness is being aware of the world, both within and without.


So spending time being aware of every sense and thought can help you work your way into a higher state of being.


How Does It Work?

Finding pure consciousness, like consciousness in general, is an individual journey. Not everyone is going to work the same. But the core principle is universal.

This is a process where you realize that the physical body and the physical world itself are not these wonderful transformations, the most important aspect.

Quite the opposite. The soul is where the true identity lies. Pure consciousness allows you to distinguish that and separate yourself from the 3D World.

It is pure self-awareness and existence. You are fully aware that time changes and the only constant in the world is the self.

This is done through many years of practice and some deep concentration on understanding the energies and how they interact together. Pure awareness is truly knowing yourself and how your energies are meant to balance with the universe.


Can Anyone Access Pure Consciousness?

Consciousness and balance with the universe are not something that is only available to select individuals. If you have dedication and patience, anyone can look to elevate their sense of self. Reaching higher states of consciousness is attainable for everyone.

That being said, if you’re someone who is attached to material things and concepts, the process of finding pure consciousness is going to be much more challenging.

So those who are very materialistic may find it more challenging than those that are already on the spiritual path of understanding that the 3D World is not the end all and be all.


How Long Does It Take to Access It?

One of the most important features to have when it comes to your journey toward pure consciousness is patience. But in the modern world, with everything being so instantaneous when it comes to gratification, patience is not something that everyone has.

It is something that you can learn, though, and we highly suggest that that may be the first tool that you need to hone in your toolbox. Accessing pure consciousness can take years and even a lifetime.

The truth is this may be a journey that you’re going to be on from the time you decide it’s the journey you’re taking to the end of the road.

But if you reach a certain level of consciousness, you’ll know that even if your body doesn’t reach the destination, your spirit may well still continue on the journey.


Final Thoughts on How to Access Pure Consciousness

Achieving pure consciousness is a journey that will be both challenging and gratifying at the same time. This can take years or a lifetime, but the benefits of living in a world with no attachment to materialistic things can give you a different outlook on what’s important in life.

If you’re on this journey, we wish you luck, and if you are considering this journey, we hope that this article has helped you answer some of your questions.