How Much of the Brain Is Conscious?

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Old woman meditating on a green mat - How Much of the Brain Is Conscious?

The brain is the most important organ in our body as it is the main control unit of every single function and network in our bodies.

When we talk about its functions, we often think of it in terms of conscious versus subconscious. This brings up the question of just how conscious our brain is.

You may think that a lot more of your cognitive and physical functions are intentional, but you will be surprised. This is because the division of labor between the conscious and subconscious is quite skewed more heavily towards the subconscious.

In truth, only 5% of the brain is used for conscious actions. That, as we said, may seem surprising, which is why we will look closer at the subject.


Is the Brain Conscious?

This question is quite intriguing because it comes with a two-fold answer. First, on a scientific level, there is very little of the brain that is conscious.

In fact, just 5% of the brain has a conscious capability. Scientifically the brain is far more subconsciously driven than most of us think.

In a spiritual aspect, consciousness is never about the physical functions of the body but rather the spiritual and emotional. In this article, we are focused on the scientific, but we did want to touch on that difference really quickly.


Which Parts of the Brain Are Conscious?

Understanding where the consciousness is located or formed may be primarily a spiritual question, but there is science behind it as well.

For example, though only %% of our brain is conscious, this does not mean it’s just one part of the brain that does everything we think about.

The prefrontal and posterior occipital, as well as the claustrum, all play a conscious role in our lives. Scientists and researchers are still studying the question, and every year are finding more neural networks and areas of the brain that play a role in our conscious world.


Which Brain Parts Aren’t Conscious?

Much like conscious behaviors and consciousness, the unconscious activities and self are attributed to several different areas of the brain.

Since most of our brain is actually controlled subconsciously, the process and idea of the subconscious mind use the major systems of the basal ganglia and the cerebellum.

In other words, the upper brain and the limbic system are responsible for unconscious thoughts and actions. However, the brain is primarily run by the unconscious systems of the brain, which does not mean that you have no control over your life.

The parts of the brain responsible for consciousness have some very strong capabilities to control your day-to-day life.


Does the Percentage of Brain Consciousness Vary?

This is another one of the questions we wanted to address that has multiple answers. Scientifically no!

Every brain tends to use 5% for conscious activities and 95% for unconscious functions. This is a pretty standard scientific truth; no matter how hard you train your brain, it will not change.


Final Thoughts on How Much of the Brain Is Conscious

The brain is fascinating, and it comes with many intricate systems that help our bodies, mind, and spirit function to their fullest. Though only 5% of our brain is actually responsible for conscious activities, the entire brain is responsible for the spiritual idea of consciousness.

Understanding this difference can help you find the path to better spiritual enlightenment and your physical and mental well-being.

We hope that the info in this article has done a little to help you down that path. The path may be challenging, but we know you will find it fulfilling in the end.