How Long is the Present Moment?

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One of the biggest cornerstones of mindfulness is being in the present moment. After all, that is exactly what mindfulness and the skills cultivated are intended to allow you to do. But what exactly does moment mean? How long does the present moment last?

Being in the present moment means being mindful of what is. By understanding that the term moment, though most often associated with time in this situation, is more about a feeling and how you are handling those feelings.

Taking this statement could be detrimental to the core concept of staying, so to help you to steer clear of so literal, we thought we’d write an article that helps discuss how it is and how you can utilize the moment you will be able to live a happier and healthier life.


What is the Present Moment in Time?

To navigate our lives, our minds are set to divide time into the past and present. The area between these two things is the present. Trying to find a way to stay in that present moment may have you thinking about time quite regularly.

But the present moment isn’t solely about time. You can, of course, look at it as a time-based measurement, in which case, looking at anywhere from one to 10 seconds is typically thought of as the present moment.

But you will get more from it if you look at the present moment as a concept, not a construct.

The present moment in time simply means the here and now.

Though that is very broad regarding what that could mean, understanding and its core are where you are right now. Therefore, it is vital to life.


Does the Present Last Forever?

So the question then becomes if you can live in the present moment at all times, doesn’t that moment then last forever? This can be answered simply by the concept being looked at in two different ways.

If you’re looking at a more literal time-fixated definition, then you’re looking at its meaning in the here and now. But, of course, that can be extended out to up to 10 seconds, depending on the situation.

However, suppose you’re looking at it as more of a philosophical concept. In that case, the president can most definitely last forever simply because if you are continually living in the moment, that moment will continually be happening.

Eventually, though, that moment will give way to it being in the past, so perhaps that moment can’t last forever. On the other hand, it can last much longer than the three to 10 seconds that science and time say constitute a moment.


How is the Present Defined?

The present, defined once again, can be defined in multiple different ways. When it comes to relaxation and mindfulness, though, it is not so much about the time, as we have said, but more about the intention of every moment that happens in your life.

This means that you are fully engaged in what is happening to you and around you. In a literal form, the present is the time between the past and the future. Typically this means that it is a transitional period between those two states.

This transitional state tends to be looked at as here and now and can last anywhere from 2 to 10 seconds.


Why Can’t People Live in the Present?

It’s easy to talk About living in the moment, but it is quite a challenge to stay present in your life.

Why you might ask, if you are happy and having wonderful experiences, it should be easy to stay in that moment. But the truth is most of us spend our lives worrying about things we can’t control.

We spend most of our life looking to the past and going over our failures to ensure we don’t repeat them.

However, looking at the future to ensure that we are meeting all the marks that we need to reach the goals we have put in place often stresses us and has us in constant fight or flight mode. This is because our mind can never calm down unless we actively work on that skill.


What Does Being Present Feel Like?

Being present is crucial to ensuring a calm and balanced life. When you achieve that idea of staying in the moment, it can feel like time stands still. It also is very calming, and you will find that you tend to be less anxious and stressed.

This is because your mind can take the time to understand the feelings and empathize with those around you to ensure you are living every moment to its fullest.

Many people feel like it breaks down barriers in their minds and allows them access to feelings and thoughts that would otherwise be muddled by the constant everyday barrage of information and overthinking.

In other words, it feels like you’re going with the flow and that the flow is going with you.


Final Thoughts on How Long the Present Moment Lasts

A moment can seem like it lasts a lifetime. It is a good thing because that means you are taking In every aspect of that life.

Staying present and at the moment has very little to do with actual scientifically defined time and is more about being in tune with the energies within and without.

We hope that this look at how long the president lasts and how to stay in the moment has helped you understand the ideas and concepts behind being present in your life.