Can Your Consciousness be Transferred?

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Many of us, at some point in our life, wish that we could live forever. But, unfortunately, immortality is something that is not possible at this current point in time. However, we’re sure many people are working on trying to figure out how to make it a possibility.

Our bodies are fragile and experience the effects of time greatly. So when thinking about immortality, many people have turned towards consciousness as the path to reaching it. But can your consciousness be transferred?

The truth is nobody knows or understands exactly what consciousness is on a scientific basis. It could be a simple mind map that is individual to specific people or something completely different.

On a spiritual level, consciousness is looked at as the true self. The understanding of which can take years to hone.

So taking both of those into consideration, we thought we’d take a look at what it means to transfer your consciousness and if it is something that is ever going to be possible.


What Does Transferring Consciousness Mean?

So when we talk about transferring your consciousness, what exactly does that mean? Once again, this is a twofold answer.

For those looking at a more scientific and futuristic idea, it is the idea that your mind can be transferred into a synthetic medium via digital means. In other words, your person can be put into a computer so that you can cheat death.

This, of course, considers the idea that your consciousness is nothing more than the unique firing of synapses in your brain. For those that are a little more spiritual, consciousness means something completely different.

Spiritually transferring consciousness is looked at as transferring your spirit and energy into a new vessel. This is often done when you are getting close to the end of your life.

This is done via a connection with the universe. It’s this connection that allows them to understand that the body is nothing more than a container for consciousness and spirit.

Therefore it is completely logical that your spirit lives after the physical body is long gone. This, in turn, means that your spirit can be transferred to another physical body which is often looked at as reincarnation.


Has This Ever Happened?

Just like with the last question, the answer must be broken down into spiritual versus scientific. Scientifically the technology that would need to be present for this type of transaction to happen has not yet been created.

Though several theoretical ideas are floating around, it may come to fruition that, eventually, there will be technology that can download your consciousness into a new synthetic shell. Now spiritually, it really depends on your belief.

If you are someone who believes in reincarnation, then the answer to having a consciousness has ever been transferred is yes. In fact, it happens every time you are reincarnated that spirit and energy are moved from one corporeal body to another.


Is It Possible to Download Consciousness?

It may seem appealing to be able to download your consciousness and be downloaded into a computer for extended life. But currently, with the technology and understanding of the consciousness that is presently downloading, it is impossible.

But just like the idea of carrying a phone in your pocket was crazy half a century ago, this crazy idea could eventually come to fruition.

This is because so many scientists and researchers are studying consciousness to understand it so that they can find ways to download consciousness.


Can Consciousness Exist Without a Brain?

Looking at this from a pure neuroscience basis, consciousness cannot exist without a brain. This is because most neuroscientists believe that consciousness is a property of the brain and how it functions. Therefore when the brain is not present, consciousness cannot exist.

However, there are individuals that believe that consciousness is not solely a trait of the brain. If this is the case, consciousness can most definitely exist without a brain. So it depends on where you sit when it comes to defining what consciousness is.


Can Consciousness be Artificially Created?

Creating consciousness artificially is something that is not only controversial but also something that many people have been focusing on trying to do.

That human consciousness has been artificially created. The intricate nature of programming mimics that of our brain, which equates to consciousness.

This is only possible if you truly believe that consciousness is solely a creation of the brain. For those who believe that the brain plays a part but is not the sole proponent of consciousness, the idea of artificially creating it doesn’t resonate.


Final Thoughts on Can Your Consciousness be Transferred

Transferring consciousness may mean the equivalent of immortality, and so it is something that many people search to be able to do. Though on a scientific basis, it is not something that is doable at the moment, it may very well be in the future.

On a spiritual path, many believe that it happens every time one body leaves this world. So can you transfer your consciousness? That is a question that only you can answer!