Can You Be Conscious While Dreaming?

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Dreams are something that many researchers, both in the physical medical field as well as psychology, have been fascinated by for centuries.

Even before modern science’s advent, dreaming was looked at as a tool to give individuals insight, not the mysteries of the universe and the self.

Our consciousness is very active when we sleep, but that doesn’t mean we are conscious. But there are some that can access their consciousness when dreaming, and this is called lucid dreaming.’

Lucid dreaming has many benefits, both psychologically and spiritually. In this article, we are going to look at this skill and how it affects an individual’s life and well-being.


What Is It Called When You’re Conscious in Your Dream?

Though there is a certain level of consciousness to be had by everyone when they reach the deep sleep states where dreams occur, it’s not true consciousness. Most are unaware of themself or their surroundings.

But when you can achieve awareness, this is when you are experiencing something called lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is when you are aware that you are dreaming. These dreams feel very real and are quite vivid.

Often once you have begun to hone this skill, you may even be able to direct the dream itself. This type of dreaming is used in spiritual practices but is quite challenging to be able to do on a regular basis.


How Is This Possible?

So how do lucid dreams happen? Though the true source has yet to unequivocally be determined, common theories focus on our brain’s creation of gamma waves. It seems that during sleep, under certain circumstances, we create more gamma waves.

This may be because of this wavelength’s interaction with memory and consciousness while awake. Typically gamma waves are not present in the REM phase of sleep. Instead, this wave is high-paced and is part of the information processing center.

There are studies that show when Zen masters meditate, this wavelength syncs and increases, which may be why they have heightened perception and awareness.


When Can It Happen?

So when does lucid dreaming occur? Other than when experienced by spiritual gurus or practitioners, one may find that lucid dreams happen when dealing with high-stress situations or being very anxious.

Even some indications indicate that lucid dreaming more frequently occurs in certain personality types. For example, many studies show that those with a high inclination toward creative thoughts may have a higher rate of lucid dreams.

You can also train yourself to have lucid dreams. Here are a few methods to do this:


  • Dream journaling
  • Keeping a regular sleep schedule
  • Replaying dreams during waking hours
  • Focus on remembering dreams


What Does It Mean If It Happens Often?

Though many feel lucid dreaming is rare, it is more common than one might think. So if you are someone who experiences this type of dreaming regularly, don’t be worried.

Most experts say this occurs because you have a heightened level of cognitive activity in certain areas of the brain throughout the day.

This activity tends to be present in the area of the brain’s responsible language and the processing of the input from the 3D world and the internal world as well.

The high levels of activity do not reduce while sleeping, and that leads to these lucid dreams. This means creatives and highly spiritual and mindful individuals who are more adept at processing things at the moment may find lucid dreams more prevalent than others.


Can Anyone Feel Conscious While Dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is a technique that is used both in psychology as well as spiritual practices. This means that anyone can hone that skill. It will take time and patience, but it is possible. That being said, there are some that will find the skill much easier than others to cultivate.

Lucid dreams can be used to help deal with difficult situations and unlock mental blocks. This key benefit will allow those with mental issues to treat the root cause.

For the spiritual practitioner, it can be used to understand the cause-and-effect relationship between them and the energies of the universe.


Final Thoughts on Can You Be Conscious While Dreaming

Remaining aware of yourself in a dream state is completely possible and is more often talked about in regard to lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming has many benefits, both psychologically as well as spiritually.

We certainly hope you now understand the concept further and that we helped you determine if it is a skill you should be trying to build.